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Letters, Nov. 30

Woodstove concerns

It is with growing concern that I see more and more people installing woodstoves in their homes and exclaiming how great they are!

Yes, woodstoves feel great on the inside of your home, but let’s examine their overall impact. In a rising era of smoke-choked summers, spring, fall and winter are wonderful times to open your windows for fresh air. This isn’t possible if your neighbor upwind has their wonderful woodstove cranking smoke out.

Yes, its true drier wood burns more efficiently, and some stoves are more efficient burners than others, but smoke/carbon is still being released. Can you imagine if everyone heated their homes with woodstoves? We would turn back the clocks to the smoke-choked winters of the 1980s. Wouldn’t that be great to go along with our smoke choked summers!

I’m not saying they should be outlawed, just that if you have one and you love it, don’t tell everyone how wonderful they are, because they just aren’t.

Robert T. Johnson


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