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Letters, Feb. 4

Senate crowns a king

We are watching a tragic dismantling of America’s democratic principle of checks and balances.

Senate Republicans just pronounced that Trump is king. They violated their oath to support impartial justice and furthered the coverup of Trump’s dangerous conduct.

Next fall, the fate of our democracy will be determined by those who vote. The 75% of U.S. citizens who wanted a fair impeachment trial, with witnesses and documents, can create another blue wave.

Sadly, the ongoing attacks to the integrity of our elections, as documented in 2016, will make this harder. We can win, but we’d better step up in great numbers.

Julie Norman


In constant mourning

I have witnessed much of the impeachment trial and I am in constant mourning for my country. I continue to be appalled at the lack of integrity, of moral compass and of patriotism in the GOP.

White House Counsel Pat Cipollone had the gall, in front of the Senate, to claim that the House managers were hiding facts — not that Donald Trump was hiding facts by denying every subpoena for personnel or information but that the House managers were hiding facts. However. he failed to mention that he was in the loop, as was Lindsey Graham. As was the lying, sanctimonious Devin Nunez, who sat next to Adam Schiff in the House and never mentioned he was working with Lev Parnas to betray our country.

And not a single one of them recused themselves! And now Mitch McConnell has broken the Constitution. He decided he can deny a Supreme Court judge to a Democratic president and a Republican president can’t be impeached. McConnell has kept the country itself from functioning by labeling himself the Grim Reaper and letting almost 300 bills just sit on his desk, including ones to combat election interference. What a dangerous, traitorous band of thieves the GOP have become!

Livia Genise


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