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Letters, Feb. 4

Another halftime show idea

Something about the Super Bowl halftime show felt dull and low-budget, like a stingy business office party that serves bean burritos and generic cola.

I think they should’ve had Bad Bunny and Karol G. and Camila Cabello! That would’ve felt vivacious, and very fresh and exciting! And, that would’ve honored the age group of the players! And rocked the old-timers out of their recliners!

If not :-) Bad Bunny and Karol G. and Camila Cabello, then they should’ve had Metallica! Yeah! All ages, genders, races, occupations do forever adore Metallica!

We all love magical Shakira — always a delight to see her! And beautiful JLo is a national treasure. However we have seen so often so much of wonderful talented JLo in many many movies, tv, videos.

So, instead of Madonna’s same hideous old black leather dominatrix outfit being dragged out year after year, and mature buttocks in our faces, let’s unite our next year’s Super Bowl meditations to materialize a memorable halftime extravaganza that is either fresh, surprising and exhilarating or is the absolute best of the old wine!

Patti Morey


Trump’s dishonesty troubling

I was raised to value honesty and integrity. My parents taught me not to lie and emphasized that being honest was key to a successful life.

I was also taught about honesty at school and later, when I was a teacher myself, I taught my students integrity and honesty as life skills.

Churches of all denominations profess these qualities. In the Good News Bible, Proverbs 11:3 says: “If you are good, you are guided by honesty. People who can’t be trusted are destroyed by their own dishonesty.”

I believe that honesty and integrity are foundations in a good society, so I’m very troubled by the fact that so many Americans support Donald Trump. People can say that all politicians lie, but he has taken it to an entirely new level. Fact checkers have found over 15,000 examples of false or misleading statements made by him in just three years of office. That’s an average of nearly 15 lies per day! I don’t know if the people who support him believe his lies or just don’t care, but I urge people to think about this: Do we really want a president who is this comfortable disregarding the truth?

Pat Sorsoli


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