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Letters, Feb. 6

CBD works for me

There’s been a lot of negative discussion about medical marijuana and CBD lately. Before you complain about the smell, the plastic, the “gateway drug” theory, etc., consider my hopes for you.

I hope you never get a painful chronic condition that will never go away. I hope you don’t have to take dangerous, life-threatening pharmaceuticals. I hope you never have to endure excruciating muscle spasms. I hope you never have to fight for sleep every single night. I hope you don’t lose hope for a happy life because of your disease. I hope you never get so depressed that you consider taking your own life.

All of this happened to me after living with multiple sclerosis for 25 years, and then suddenly worsening the last five years. I lost my career, most of my relationships and my ability to use my legs.

There isn’t a pharmaceutical on this planet that could help me. I tried them all.

Then I tried medical marijuana and CBD oil from hemp plants. It’s natural, has no negative side effects and it works. It worked to help me sleep because it rid me of painful spasms. It helped lift my frame of mind from depression to gratefulness. All my relationships now are grounded in love and truth. As far as being a gateway drug, I’d have to say the opposite is true in my case. I gave up other drugs, and turned to MMJ for relief.

I hope you never have to try medical marijuana or CBD oil. I hope you have the life you always dreamed of, free of illness and pain. I hope someday, either you or a loved one will have some peace of mind when you know there is a choice out there.

I understand that it’s not for everyone, but please remember what my hopes for you were.

Karen McCoy


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