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Letters, Feb. 13

Governance without mendacity

Regardless of which candidate wins the primaries, the Democratic Party needs a really clever, pithy slogan for the 2020 presidential election.

The Rogue Valley is full of talented wordsmiths. I’m suggesting the Tidings and Tribune post a column for folks to send in their suggestions. My own effort is too long to fit on a button or bumper sticker, or even a t-shirt, but it is timely: “Governance without mendacity.”

Marilyn Briggs


Cut back emissions

What am I willing to give up to help ensure that future generations inherit a livable Earth? If we really care about our kids, their kids and future generations we must find more ways to cut back our CO2 emissions.

1. At 97 I gave away my car, but the new owner will still put out CO2. Are we able/willing to be serious about car pooling?

2. Inspired by Greta Thunberg, I’m driving with friends to Portland instead of flying.

3. I’ve changed my mind regarding end-of-life decisions. I no longer want to be cremated; I’ve chosen to have a green burial. Cremation uses 28 gallons of fuel to burn one body, emitting 540 pounds of CO2. That’s about 250,000 tons each year. It’s equal to a round trip from here to the Bay Area.

4. We need to cut back/off eating meat. It’s the single most important change we can make.

5. I have no influence with corporations, but I do have control over most aspects of my life. We have our imagination to help us. When you come up with new ways to cut CO2, write the Tidings to spread your idea(s). The Earth and children thank you.

Carola Lacy


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