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Letters, Feb. 17

Thanks for aid-in-dying article

Thank you to the editors for printing the article on aid in dying on Feb. 2.

Anyone who has sat by and witnessed a loved one dying and writhing in pain at the end of life may wonder why our society treats our pets with more respect and care when quality of life has left.

Using religion as a reason to “prolong life” seems more of a prolong suffering and prolong billing reality. Having a death with dignity option in the law means little if one cannot access that choice.

The article is a reminder to have your end of life papers in order, and choose your doctor and hospital carefully. Have that conversation before it is too late. Once papers are in order, have a good long life until mortality arrives.

Kon Damas


U.S. justice in extreme jeopardy

As a former federal prosecutor in the Eastern District of Washington, I cannot sit by without commenting on President Trump’s unlawful intervention in the criminal case against Trump’s friend, Roger Stone, who was convicted of multiple federal crimes by a jury.

Trump publicly criticized the presiding judge. Stone threatened the judge with violence. Trump then persuaded U.S. Attorney General William Barr to override the U.S. Code of Sentencing Guidelines to recommend a lighter sentence. The four career prosecutors in Stone’s case resigned in protest.

Trump’s and Barr’s actions are blatant tyranny of the worst kind. There is no law if the law fails because of such tactics. Our system of justice is in extreme jeopardy.

Judith A. Corbin


It’s not all about parking

The only item on the next Revitalize Downtown Ashland Citizen Advisory Committee meeting Feb. 19 at 4 p.m., other than an initial 15-minute public forum, is parking (105 minutes).

If you think that revitalizing downtown Ashland entails something/anything other than more parking, please consider making your voice heard during the forum.

Otherwise, be prepared to be run over by downtown merchants who blame a perceived lack of customer parking as threats to their profits rather than the real reasons: online shopping, competition from other businesses, smoky summers brought on by global warming/vehicle emissions, and the fading allure/feasibility of consumerism. Also a factor: downtown parking places taken by downtown merchants and their employees.

It’s interesting to note that Rogue Valley shoppers seem to have no trouble walking giant malls about the size of Ashland’s downtown.

Those of us who’ve experienced downtowns without traffic know how heavenly they can be, and how much foot traffic they generate, which in turn keeps those downtown businesses booming.

Let’s bring downtown Ashland into the 21st century.

Julia Sommer


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