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Letters, Feb. 19

We need real moderates

We have all heard the mantra: “moderation in all things.” But when it comes to politics, what does moderate really mean?

Prospective voters will often say “I’m a moderate” to avoid discussion of specifics. Many of them are identity voters who focus on the superficial (gender, race, sexuality, age, they sound presidential, wanna have a beer with them). Most seem unaware that the extreme money now showered on legislators and prospective leaders (particularly post-Citizens United vs. FEC) really does corrupt.

And when congressional legislators accept immoderate oligarchic and corporate donations, their votes reflect it. This disqualifies them as moderates. In fact, those donations explain why we don’t have Medicare for All, why we are hastening our own extinction and why our infrastructure is decaying. And it is FUBAR that most Democratic and Republican legislators now sing in deadly harmony for endless war profits.

We need real moderates, defined as those who work for people and don’t take bribes (legal or otherwise) and don’t invest in war profits. We need leaders who understand that economic justice is the precursor to social justice. We need FDR moderates who will strengthen America by shoring up the vital foundation of we the people.

Lee Lull


Take back the medal

After President Trump’s buddy’s disgusting remarks on the radio about Mayor Pete, Trump should take back the medal.

He never deserved it in the first place.

Bob Clark


Trump’s promises

Trump promised to balance the budget. In a strong economy he’s running deficits (where’s the Tea Party now?).

Trump promised to bring us the “best, cheapest health care!” He hasn’t even tried.

He promised us the most open, transparent administration ever! We get lies and obfuscation.

The only thing he’s riding on is the strong economy President Obama handed him — and Trump takes the credit for it.

It’s interesting to watch Trump trying to run the country like he ran his real estate business — through lies and intimidation. He was fined $20 million for creating his phony Trump University and a $2 million fine for his phony Trump charity.

Lindsey Graham and other Republican office holders once said Trump was completely unfit to be president. Now he and the rest of the Republican Party have shed any integrity they might have had and are joining Trump in the staining of our country.

Tim Church


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