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Letters, Feb. 26

Breaking news

Breaking news: Hordes of European socialists are amassing at our borders. While Meghan and Harry are job hunting, American taxpayers are being billed $396 million for our president to play golf with rich friends who have benefited from his 2017 tax cuts. (GAO estimates $3.4 million per trip for 115 trips as of Feb. 15.)

The socialists are fed up with their home countries spending on health care an average per capita of half as much as we spend in America, where we judge our “health” by the Dow Jones numbers. They believe any country ignoring its soaring national debt must be looking forward to a “healthy” future. (Health care study by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.)

Barry Peckham


Going door to door for peace

The other day two unexpected guests knocked at our door, bringing a breath of fresh air. Two strangers, dressed for Sunday, introduced themselves and praised the “No War on Iran” sign which resides on our front porch.

They spoke of the need for peace, then one of the women opened the Bible to one verse about peacemaking and another verse about saving the forests of the earth. Their goodbye was next — no sales pitch, no effort to convert. I wished them well and they returned to the sidewalk, heading for our neighbor’s door.

S.J. Res. 68, Prevention of Unauthorized War With Iran, is pending in the House of Representatives after recently passing the Senate by 55 to 45 with eight GOP senators voting with all of the Dems. Now is the time to call Congressman Walden, urging him to support S.J. Res. 68. Our Constitution at Article I, Section 8, Clause 11, vests in Congress (not the president) the power to declare war, and Congress must take a stand to preserve the peace.

Call Rep. Greg Walden and encourage him to vote yes on S.J. Res. 68.

Dial 202-225-6730 and deliver your message for peace to him at his D.C. office. We may differ on religion and parties. Let’s come together for peace on earth.

I have written this message on behalf of the Rogue Valley Advocacy Team, one of nearly 130 nationwide chapters of the Friends Committee on National Legislation.

Brenda B. Gould


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