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Letters, Feb. 27


A letter in Wednesday’s paper misstated the name of Senate Joint Resolution 68. The correct name is the Kaine War Powers Resolution.

Timber story was slanted

I am shocked that you reprinted the extremely slanted Register-Guard view of the longstanding issues in the Oregon timber industry.

For 60 paragraphs the viewpoint of the timber industry was stated as fact, without any criticism, which gave the impression that curtailing lumbering in the state was unnecessary and a calamity. Loggers were referred to as “the real environmentalists.”

Only four paragraphs at the very end quoted someone who calls attention to the environmental devastation which was wrought by insufficiently regulated logging over many years. You misinform the public by such unbalanced reporting. This should be on the opinion page, not passed off as front-page “news.”

Maureen Hicks


‘Media elite has learned nothing’

In 2016, we were assured by the punditry (and media more generally) that Donald Trump was unelectable — right up until his election. In fact, “the good gentlemen and ladies of journalism assisted in facilitating” his victory.

“The American media elite has learned nothing from 2016. It will only get worse,” was posted by The Guardian Feb. 24.

I urge my fellow voters, including you and your colleagues at the Tidings, to read the piece by Jessa Crispin. She provides nutritious food for thought.

Stan Druben


Harrop crosses the line

I have sometimes written in this paper challenging the anti-Sanders views of Froma Harrop, a regular columnist in the Tidings. Her Feb. 21 piece, Nevada nastiness could hurt Sanders,” crossed the line of decency for civil discourse.

Frustrated by Sanders’ ascendency, Harrop resorts to vicious attacks on Sanders’ supporters. Here follows a “flavor” of her unsubstantiated accusatory terms: “thuggery,” “nasty Sanders followers,” “Bernie brutes,” “Bernie brigade,” “Sanders cult,” (she uses “cult” repeatedly in her columns) and, the worst epithet of all: “swine.” Harrop minimizes the real possibility that those persons intimidating candidates and their supporters on social media and at Democratic rallies are trolls, bots, or agents provocateurs.

She ironically concludes her piece calling for a restoration of decency in our politics (by, of course, voting against Sanders). Harrop might want to look in a mirror and the Ashland Tidings may want to review what they require in civil discourse.

Andy Seles


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