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Letters, Feb. 28


I found a new word not long ago for something I’ve been doing and didn’t know had a name. The word is “plogging.”

I found it while reading an article about joggers who pick up litter while jogging and it’s a Swedish word, plogging. I’ve been picking up litter while walking around Ashland since moving here 13 years ago. I’ve always felt that picking up litter was my civic contribution to making the city I live in a bit cleaner.

As I walk, I also carry doggy poop bags and pick up dog poop that happens to be next to the sidewalk or trail. I view this as another form of litter that needs to be put in the trash. One thing I’ve noticed over the past 12 years is that there’s a lot less dog poop around town than there used to be. I’m attributing this to dog owners being more responsible, thank you.

I’d like to also thank those of you who also pick up litter and other people’s dog poop as you walk around town. I think it does make a difference on the quality of life for all of us. Thank you. Also, a thank you to the Parks Commission for placing doggy poop bag dispensers and trash cans in our parks for us to use.

Let’s keep plogging as we walk. Its good exercise bending over and picking up litter of all kinds. Keep on plogging!

Vanston Shaw


Worth remembering

After the humiliation from Nixon’s criminal administration, Republicans vowed to never again compromise or admit wrongdoing. This has given them the audacity to falsify facts and regurgitate phrases like “no collusion” and “acquitted” to continually justify the lying virus that’s infected a once-honorable political party.

History shows President Ronald Reagan colluding with a foreign government and trading guns for hostages was of no concern to this newly adopted value system. His trickle-down recession revealed conservative positions on the economy were no longer a priority, but no problem.

Unsuccessfully hounding President Bill Clinton for years, the leader of the (ahem) Moral Majority could only fixate on his personal affair while, of course, cheating on his own wife, but no problem. President George W. Bush displayed the party’s colors by deliberately manipulating the country into another war but, again, nothing to see there from these moral pioneers.

Having once more severely damaged the economy their only priority was to discredit President Barack Obama because, unlike their current choice, he was intelligent and had no personal scandals. Also, the Obamas and the Clintons both raised decent children insulated from politics and money-grubbing because imperial nepotism is frowned on in a democracy.

Steve Sutfin


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