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Letters, March 13

Follow the rules

I would like to say, especially to Jim Clyburn and James Carville, For the love of democracy, please respect the electorate! Do not take us for granted!

If you really think that you can attract other nominees’ supporters into Biden’s campaign by disregarding the established process and not letting all of us vote in our respective primaries, you might want to think again.

Be brave. Do the right thing. Follow the rules!

Julia E. Babb


Brown delivers on climate action

On March 10, Gov. Kate Brown held true to her word and delivered the climate action that she promised Oregon’s citizens.

Executive Order 20-04 is a direct response to the climate emergency, and provides the foundation for a future all Oregonians need.

It will clean up our transportation by extending and strengthening Oregon’s successful Clean Fuels Program. EO 20-04 will make our buildings and businesses more energy-efficient, help create new jobs and result in huge energy savings for businesses and homeowners throughout the state.

This order will also hold large corporate polluters accountable and make them reduce their greenhouse gas emissions over time, while helping us manage our forests in a way that reduces mega-fires. That means less climate pollution filling our children’s lungs and fewer summers choked off by smoky skies.

Throughout our history, Oregonians have always led on environmental issues, while working to keep our communities strong. Gov. Brown has continued that tradition with Executive Order 20-04. Her commitment to, and leadership on climate action has established a framework that will move all of Oregon into the 21st century, and provides a pathway to a future that rural and urban Oregonians can thrive in.

Hogan M. Sherrow, director,

Rural Oregon Climate Political Action Committee


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