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Letters, March 18

Risky business?

After reading many of the precautionary measures suggested regarding the COVID-19 virus, I took a second look at the photo on the front page of the March 17 Ashland Tidings.

While this is not a criticism of the two people interacting at the Growers Market, it does give me pause. Aren’t we cautioned to create a distance of 3 feet (6 feet?) between individuals? And, to “clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces daily” per the letter in the same edition from Dr. Nathan Funk?

I’m an avid supporter of the Growers Market, and desperately want all of our vendors to succeed in their businesses, but am asking how we can secure the availability of fresh produce and homemade products while keeping the spread of the virus contained. Can we all come up with a better way to do this?

K. Anderson


Celebration of life

Few of us get to live into our 90s. I’m 97 and still going strongish. I’m also curious about how much longer I have to live. Of course, there’s no answer.

So, I may as well continue to live fully every day. Golly, what to do?

My main purpose in living is to bring joy to others. One way I do this is with my Hi! Club (only one member, me). In the Hi! Club I say “Hi!” to everyone I pass by, except at large crowds.

All acknowledge me, some more clearly than others. Silently, I send loving messages to them. It feels good to relate to everyone, and it may be helpful to a lonely person. I do this to car drivers, too, everyone I see.

Instead of waiting till I die to celebrate my life, I’ve decided to have a going-away party for my family and friends while I’m here to enjoy it. Part of the party is what I call my “hasta luego/see you later burial sheet.” There’ll be a white bed sheet, lots of colored pens, and everyone is invited to write goodbye messages to me on it. When I die I’ll be wrapped up in that sheet and tucked into dear old Mother Earth. Just think of all those lovely thoughts surrounding me. Mmmm.

Hasta luego, my friends.

Carola Lacy


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