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Letters, March 19

Support local businesses

During this current trying time, everyone needs to support our local businesses and restaurants. Even before the governor’s recent mandate to close restaurants & bars, the businesses were facing tough times with the dearth of tourists on our street.

We can all help by buying what we need locally, not online, and ordering take-out from our favorite restaurants.

Oh, and you landlords, cut these businesses a break on their rent! The last thing any of us want is to have a lot of people out of work and empty store fronts downtown.

Pete Jorgensen


Harrop’s anti-Sanders rants

I usually get my weekly hit of Harrop vitriol against Bernie Sanders in the Tuesday Tidings.

This week prior to Sunday’s debate, the paper doubled down on Sanders with an extra dollop of Harrop vilifying him and his top supporter, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC). This piece was the most blatantly hostile toward Sanders of the many by Harrop that I have read over the years. She is obsessed with Sanders, as only a partial listing of her past postings reflect:

“Bernie Sanders not doing so hot,” “Democratic attacks on Sanders long overdue,” “Bernie Sanders and racism lite,” “Experience Sanders couldn’t buy,” “Nevada nastiness could hurt Sanders,” “Sanders’ ‘Medicare for all’ is not fair to Medicare,” “The phantom momentum of Bernie Sanders,” “What Sanders and Warren get wrong about fossil fuels,” “Sanders still sees Democrats as the problem,” “Bernie Sanders takes aim at fellow Democrats,” “Why Democrats are (finally) criticizing Bernie Sanders,” and even a faux “An apology to Bernie Sanders” in which she lists all his perceived shortcomings.

This random list does not include other of her postings that include ad hominem attacks on Sanders and his progressive supporters.

Presuming victory over a Sanders nomination, Harrop is now chipping away at other icons of the left, most recently in her piece, “AOC must choose between the future and the political abyss,” which contradicts her earlier piece, “AOC should leave the Democratic Party,”

Harrop’s Bernie obsession goes beyond just being a libertarian, corporate media hack. The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

Andy Seles


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