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Letters, March 20

Market upholds safe measures

In response to K. Anderson’s comments March 18 on safety standards at the Tuesday Market, I would like to attest to the extreme measures our vendors are practicing.

Customers were not allowed to touch any produce and everything was handed to the customer by the vendors. Indeed, a few booths had rope across the entrance to prevent customers from getting too close to the product. This is a real gift to the community and I recommend all of us patronizing these vendors who are practicing extreme safety measures.

Wendy Eppinger


Hoarding must be made illegal

Selfish hoarders are depriving people of necessities. Ashland’s Shop ’n’ Kart has not a single carton of eggs in stock, and this at a time when there has yet to be a single confirmed case of COVID-19 in the town.

It’s time for laws and ordinances against hoarding on both local and federal levels. Stores and customers must be required to limit purchases, with substantial fines for violators. No commodity, food or otherwise, needs to be hoarded. There is enough for all of us.

Kyr Arnsugr


Hold Trump responsible

Every day, the coronavirus crisis tightens its stranglehold on our lives. Schools close, curtailing education and upending precarious family schedules. The Oregon Shakespeare Festival, a cornerstone of our local economy, goes dark. Public gatherings are banned, and restaurants and bars are closed, shutting down our last community spaces and spreading economic disaster.

Oregon is responding with extraordinary resilience, as the crisis demands. But I ask my fellow citizens for one more response — anger. Anger directed at the staggering incompetence of President Trump, for ignoring a crisis whose inevitable approach was obvious for months.

The failure to prepare for and implement widespread testing is unforgivable. The example of South Korea shows that the coronavirus did not have to cause the catastrophe we are experiencing. And now that the crisis is upon us, Trump lies about his past statements and declares “I don’t take any responsibility at all.”

What to do with this anger? Demand accountability. Demand that our elected officials respect — and fund — the scientific expertise needed to understand and manage not just this pandemic, but the equally inevitable climate crises to come. And most important, hold Trump responsible in November, and vote him out of office in a landslide.

Pepper Trail


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