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Letters, March 25

Union workers deserve a contract

Last week, the county designated members of SEIU 503 as essential employees, which means that their jobs are critical in protecting the public against the virus causing COVID-19.

These employees include health care workers, airport and transportation personnel, mental health professionals — as well as the county’s only epidemiologist. They are on the front lines defending Jackson County against the spread of the virus.

At the same time, the county has not seen fit to provide these essential workers with their own adequate health care. The union has been in contract negotiations with the county for over a year and working without a contract for seven months.

These workers are only asking for a fair contract, but the county commissioners have not negotiated in good faith. They have rejected numerous reasonable offers from workers that would save the county nearly $1 million a year. Right now, SEIU 503 is asking the county to enter into binding arbitration in order to speedily settle this long-running dispute.

Do you think these essential workers, who are putting their lives on the line for us, deserve adequate health care? Wouldn’t you like to see them get that health care and the county save a lot of money? If so, please contact your county commissioners and urge them to enter into binding arbitration to resolve this situation now.

Catherine Foster


We must teach history and the classics

Because of negative feedback I receive from young people regarding the need to study history, classical literature, philosophy and geography, and because of the appalling lack of knowledge of those disciplines in so many people schooled in the ’80s and thereafter, I want to point out an important fact: Because the history of science and technology is linear and builds upon itself, millennials and others see no use in learning about the past as each new discovery or invention makes part of the past disposable.

They have a reverse anachronistic view of life. However, individual human emotions have genetic origins that haven’t changed since the evolution of our species.

Our emotions are not linear; they have not changed over the years. The interactions of individuals, tribes and nations since

3000 B.C., and especially from 500 B.C. onward, are lessons in life for us to learn.

Noble and effective ways and means of conduct that allow us to advance as humanity are there in history for us to discover — along with examples of evil and false ideas for us to avoid. We do ourselves a disservice to ignore truth and enlightenment where it is so easily to be found.”

George Mozingo


Tenant relief

I support action that is good for the community in these new times, but this is oppressive and wrong to small-business landlords such as myself.

I can accept assisting tenants but only if the governor’s office simultaneously mandates relief of owner/manager expenses.

Jonathan Landes


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