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Letters, March 26

Why close the dog park?

I was very surprised to see Parks and Recreation Department’s interpretation of Gov. Brown’s closure orders. They followed her guidelines exactly, with the exception of the addition of the Ashland Dog Park.

Why is this? People are allowed/encouraged to walk their dogs as long as they practice “social distancing.” Is it not possible to practice social distancing in a several-acre, fenced park where the total count of people seldom exceeds 10-15?

A significant number of the human users are elderly and mobility restricted to some extent. I am one of those and, because of recent back surgery, am unable to walk well. Thus, I cannot walk my dog. Is it inappropriate, given the state guidelines for me to stand/sit in one place (with appropriate social distancing) and throw a ball for my dog to fetch? It is the only exercise he gets.

I sincerely hope that the P&R Department will re-think this shortsighted decision to include the dog park in the closure list, especially when Ashland seems to be the only municipality in Jackson County that does so (see the Tidings picture of Bear Creek Park in Medford — dog parks are not included!)

David Glen


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