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Letters, March 27

OSF hardly ‘reeling’

Although I appreciated Jeffrey Gillespie’s encouragement of our finding ways in our separation to be “together” in these difficult times in his March 24 opinion piece in the Tidings, I strongly disagree with his assertion about one of the two causes of the current status of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival: “The Oregon Shakespeare Festival, already reeling from seasonal wildfire smoke and a significant change in leadership over the past couple of years, has shuttered for at least a month.”

There is no question that the recent smoke-filled summers have taken a major toll on many local businesses, and especially on OSF; however, in the view of many of us faithful patrons, the change in leadership represented by the hiring of Nataki Garrett as artistic director and Paul Christy as acting executive director, far from causing OSF to “reel,” has brought a most welcome infusion of both fiscal responsibility and creative leadership to the organization.

The five plays already “up” as of March gave promise of a superlative season, and we eagerly look forward to Nataki’s first full season in 2021.

Susan Stitham


Be good for nothing

Many of us know people who are hit hard financially by COVID-19.

Here are some things you might consider doing: Pay your hair stylist for the haircut you are not getting; pay your housekeeper for not cleaning your house; tip your favorite bartender or server for not serving you; buy gift certificates from your local restaurants, bars and retail outlets that you will not use until next Christmas. You can do all of this without leaving your home. Be good for nothing!

Jerry Kenefick


Story placement disappointing

As a former journalist I found it very disappointing to see the coverage for the Delta flight from Seattle with a person having COVID-19 on page 2 and not on the front page.

At this stressful time we need all the information that we can get. Most people do not read a newspaper and if they do they only see the front page. It should have been a front-page banner so that it was the first thing that one saw when looking at the paper. Thank you.

Richard Anderson


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