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Letters, March 28

Look for results

According to national polls, President Trump’s approval rating for handling the virus is over 50%. Maybe I’m missing something.

Borrowing an expression from when I was in the Navy, he is not squared away. He dismantled the National Security Council’s pandemic response team in 2018 despite warnings of a future outbreak. He still compares the corona virus to the flu, and says we are 14 days between infection and onset of illness.

He uses daily press briefings for political purposes, showing off his vanity with self-praise and handing out misinformation that gives false hope. He follows a script with input from health professionals and then wanders off, talking about full churches on Easter.

Fortunately, some governors have stepped up with strong, consistent leadership. I count Oregon’s Gov. Kate Brown as one. Furthermore, Congress is doing its job by approving significant economic measures to keep the ship afloat.

Meanwhile, hospital staff need testing kits, protective gear, ventilators and more beds. President Trump is commander in chief and the buck stops with him. Let’s look for results.

Steve Haskell


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