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Letters, March 31

Grateful to OSF

Sending my inexpressible gratitude to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

Due to their insightful action to close the festival early in the progression of this pandemic, they have potentially protected the health and saved the lives of hundreds, possibly thousands of people here in Southern Oregon and beyond. When faced with a daunting decision that would result in financial hardship for their entire organization, as well as knowing the impact their decision would have on the community that has come into existence in a large part due to their presence, they chose health, lives and safety.

I shudder to think how different the situation would be here had they not taken this monumentally difficult step. We would have experienced at least a percentage of the traditional influx of tourists and visitors, many of whom might have unknowingly brought the virus with them, and we inevitably would have progressed further into this nightmare.

Fortunately, the number of COVID-19 cases in Jackson County has remained relatively low for now and it is our collective hope that continues to be the case. We currently remain in the preparation phase, uncertain of what each new day might bring. Their example of taking morally responsible actions gives us additional strength as we make our personal decisions and proceed through these singular times.

David Kirk


Politicizing the virus

The Trump administration is using the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to get the vote for reelection.

They want to loosen environmental regulations for polluting industries so they will help him get reelected. In addition, he/they wish to allow us to return to work in a few weeks, so that the economy doesn’t suffer. Again, a strong economy supports another four years of his presidency.

The list of how he is using this terrifying tragedy for his own personal gain goes on and on. With no regard for the true needs of the American people. And the support those in need require is accessible and easy to provide. So far, hardly any sign of listening and acting on behalf of everyone!

There are no words in our language that can adequately describe the harm that is being done. So let’s act, strongly in solidarity and with wisdom. This time of required staying at home and in deep reflection is an opportunity to truly come together and take a stand for kindness, compassion, generosity.

Let’s vote him out. The old ways of separation and profound self-centeredness are over.

Anne Stine


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