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Letters, May 9

What is City Hall?

For over 25 years, much has been written about the pros and cons of Ashland City Hall; its location, costs and need. What is City Hall? What does it mean to our city?

Our community is being asked to vote on an $8.2 million Capital Facilities Bond to completely rebuild City Hall while preserving the historic facade, and make structural improvements to two valued buildings; Community Center and Pioneer Hall. Ashland citizens deserve to enhance these community treasures, ensure long-term downtown vibrance and retain the civic symbolism of a functional City Hall on the Plaza.

The proposed Capital Facilities Bond is $0.21 per $1,000 of assessed value per year; $64.80 annually for a $310,000 home, whereas the retiring fire station and library bonds are $71.30 annually.

Invest in the future. Don’t turn a blind eye to safety needs. Vote yes on Ashland’s Capital Facilities Bond.

Paula Brown, former Public Works director


We can do better

We can do better than Dave Dotterrer, a retired Marine colonel who wants to be our county commissioner. He would only represent the Republican far right.

David Churchman’s April 30 Mail Tribune letter, “Dotterrer for commissioner,” talks about what Dave did in Ashland. The implication is that Dave would work for all of us. This is simply not true.

For example, just the other day, Dave was interviewed by Bill Meyer on the right-wing radio station KMED. Bill and Dave were talking about the horrible things going on in the People’s Republic of Ashland.

How can Dave be on an extreme right-wing station that hosts the infamous Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity of Fox News and promise to represent all of us, including those he worked with in Ashland? Come on, Dave, you can’t have it both ways. Show your true colors!

Al Muelhoefer, retired Air Force colonel



Why is it only the privilege of the right to be very angry and hurl invectives like arrows? To them, all is unfair and they only are the targets of that unfairness .

Trumpites and troglodytes share a common ancestry: brutishness, short-sightedness, deaf ears, big mouths and limited imaginative capacity, except for believing that assault weapons are the true personal protection equipment.

Grunting and spewing is the basic communication mode, and constant denial of facts is their supreme act of fealty to a leader who happily trots them into a cave of darkness where there is no light of truth, only a feral glint in the whites of their eyes. Instead, there is a desire to set the place on fire, roasting the Other as their daily diet of red meat and potatoes.

How did they get to this state of unknowing? What propagates their anger?

What makes them believe that rules are chains instead of simple constraints for the common good? What makes them think that their lack of a paycheck makes them hungrier and needier than those waiting in line at the food banks? Why are they the entitled?

Could it be the lead in the water? Of the fractal fissures in the ground? Or the methane gas in the air? Or the pesticides in the soil? Or the GMOs in the basic bread of daily life? Or is it a cocktail combination of all of these washed down with the pills of opioids? Choose your poison. We’ve already got a pandemic.

As a friend said to me, “Why do they call them right when they are so wrong?

Rochelle Newman


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