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Letters, May 27

Managerial courage

I want to applaud Parks Director Michael Black and the Ashland Parks Department for having the courage and the foresight to make some tough budget calls.

Articles in the Tidings reported that the Ashland Parks Department has made some hard decisions to lay off employees, defer projects and have indicated that they will not be able to open the Daniel Meyer pool this summer. These are never easy decisions to make, but ones that must be made knowing, with certainty, that the tax revenues needed to support city services will be cut.

I am, however, disappointed that other departments in the city of Ashland do not appear to be taking similar proactive steps. All department managers in the city of Ashland will need to have the managerial courage to make some tough calls and should be getting out in front of what we know will be a budget crisis.

I hope I speak for all the citizens of Ashland; in that we look forward to more articles reporting on decisions being made in other city departments to proactively deal with this budget crisis.

Meanwhile, my compliments to the Parks and Rec team for the work they have already done and the tough, not always popular calls they have already made. These are steps that show good stewardship to the taxpayers of the city of Ashland.

Mark Meyer


Government isn’t keeping us safe

Doesn’t our national government have the responsibility to keep its citizens safe?

Is security only protection from hostile forces? No! Security includes absence of harm, food security, clean water, resilience against potential damage from insecure structures, secure communication lines, and secure housing. Let’s add the presence of essential medical supplies to the list, like masks, gloves, gowns and qualified personnel. The U.S. considers itself a world power and is among the wealthiest. So, what’s up?

The Trump administration is reversing at least 100 regulations promoting clean air/water; it’s reversing policies that countered decades of housing discrimination. Food sources are compromised as taxpayer funds line the pockets of industrial-scale agriculture CEOs.

The government has shut down two times — once for 35 days! The occupant of the White House puts ego and political priorities over the advancement of our interests. Furthermore, he undermines our role as a leader on climate change action.

We have lost our international credibility and are losing allies. His dismissive attitude toward the WHO and COVID-19 resulting in thousands of American deaths and his undermining of the CDC — an agency held in high international regard as a standard-bearer for American medical excellence — are totally insane!

Louise D. Shawkat


Irresponsible rallies

This wise tidbit from the internet explains in few words the Medford rally held a couple of weekends ago supported by Jackson County Commissioner Colleen Roberts and other such irresponsible gatherings around the USA.

The spread of COVID-19 is based on two factors.

1. How dense the population is.

2. How dense the population is.

H. Bernard Hartman


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