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Letters, May 29

A farmer’s view of Bear Grub

As an organic farmer in the Applegate Valley I am intimately tied to the land, the water and the climate. Many of us settled in this region for the abundant natural resources and beautiful public lands. Our farms and businesses are dependent on clean water coming from public lands and the water holding capacity of our mature conifer forests. This connection to the land leads me to question the logic of the Bear Grub Timber Sale proposed by the BLM in the Applegate Valley.

The Bear Grub Timber Sale proposes “group selection” logging which removes whole groves of mature forest in a patchwork of small clearcuts, up to four acres in size and across up to 30% of a timber sale unit. This logging will dry forest stands by introducing more sunlight and wind. It will also increase fire hazards around our communities and homes and impact the watersheds that make up the beautiful Applegate River which provides water to our farms.

As a steward of the land, I hope the BLM can consider the wildlife, the river and the communities downstream that depend on healthy forests and clean water. Please cancel the Bear Grub Timber Sale!

Brian Hannagan, Sun Spirit Farm


100,000 deaths

Trump likened the coronavirus pandemic to the surprise bombing attack of Pearl Harbor in 1941. However, comparing 2,400 military deaths to over 100,000 citizens seems unparalleled.

Trump said the Pearl Harbor attack was unexpected like the invasion of the coronavirus. Wrong! Trump was briefed about the threat much, much earlier than he admits. In 2016 President Obama had a pandemic plan in place. The 69-page Global Health Security and Biodefense unit responsible for pandemic preparedness was abandoned by Trump in 2018 and the entire response team was fired.

Professor Jeffrey Shamen of Columbia University School of Health authored a study that found at least “36,000 deaths could have been prevented if the U.S. had shut down earlier.”

In 1941 hundreds of fighter planes descended on a naval base in Hawaii that was unprepared for the bombings, in 2020 thousands of coronaviruses torpedoed our people. Obama prepared the U.S. for a pandemic attack but Donald Trump ignored early warnings, therefore, he should be held responsible for tens of thousands of lost lives.

Historian Jon Meacham said this on Memorial Day: “We need a president that will lift our souls.”

Cici Brown


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