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Letters, July 2


Webster’s encyclopedic unabridged dictionary of the English language defines fascism as a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing the opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc. And emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism. AKA, The Trump wannabe manifesto.

What is the first thing a fascist has to do to gain power? Answer: get rid of the anti-fascist Americans by blaming them for everything the fascists wannabes are doing. Like Hitler and the Nazis did, along with Donald Trump and A.G. Bully Barr.

Let me be clear, I’m not a member of Antifa, I don’t know one person in Antifa. I’m not a communist, a Maoist or anarchist, I’m just an American with a memory of hundreds of thousands of Americans who lost their lives to fascism.

All Americans that love our constitutional freedoms are anti-fascist by definition. I’m looking at the definition of fascism and wonder what’s to like for an American who loves freedom?

I can’t imagine our nation’s freedoms being dictated by jack-booted fascists wannabes, neo-Nazis and white nationalists. Can you? Freedom beware! The fascists are coming for your freedom. Hopefully, American anti-fascists will prevail.

Steve Armantrout


Corporations are an obstacle

While many from the corporate world deserve congratulations for accepting climate science and acknowledging the need to curtail greenhouse gas emissions, others do not. As 350.org founder Bill McKibben argued: “The political power of the fossil fuel industry has always been the single biggest obstacle to making real progress.”

Additional negative contributions come from industrial agriculture and industrial forestry. Many large, amoral corporations are concerned only about profit and not the future of life.

We have long recognized that corporations do not have a right to lie, cheat, steal and endanger human and environmental health to earn their profit margin. In addition, most of us don’t think we should allow them to destroy civilization.

I am not anti-business; I want these businesses to succeed and prosper. But I want them to do so without putting an end to the society of which they and we are a part. If those fossil fuel companies had committed to a sustainable business model 30 years ago (instead of lying about the effects of carbon dioxide emissions on our climate), we and they wouldn’t be facing the dilemma we currently face.

Ken Deveney


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