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Letters, Aug. 8

Inept state government

Why does this state continue to elect and appoint so-called leaders and department heads year after year that can’t, won’t and are unable to run this state correctly?

They cannot, will not or are totally unable to do their jobs, yet they continue to pull down huge salaries and PERS, month after month. Yet over the years there has been zero accountability from anyone or any agency responsible for failing to get these jobs or programs done in a correct or timely manner.

Your editorial Thursday regarding this totally unacceptable fiasco with this state’s current unemployment system was spot on. Oregon’s continual lack of responsible leadership over the years has given us all one expensive debacle after another.

Examples are this current unemployment mess (those in charge ignored every warning of this inevitable crash, coronavirus or not, for 12 years and they have had the money for all of those years to upgrade and did nothing), also the current PERS mess, and don’t forget the DMV mess with starting up “Real ID” (we are the last state to try and get that done), and of course the Oregon state health care disaster, all this happening with zero accountability.

You can fire everyone in charge and ask for everyone’s resignation and put a whole new set of people in every position, but the circus is still the same, and the elephant is still in our laps. This current government is failing miserably, yet the can(s) continue to be kicked down the road.

Oregon needs a new game plan! Remember this during the next state election. Are we all not tired of busy signals?

C.R. Hinkle


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