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Letters, Aug. 25

Be afraid

In the style of our coherent and well-spoken Supreme Leader, supporters of this administration cobble together a potpourri of dysphemisms such as Marxist, leftist, communist, bogeyman, poo-poo head, etc., to define the majority of Americans, aka the enemy. Their latest scare du jour is the really biggy one, “socialist.”

These folks call themselves Christians but if they actually understood the teachings of Christ they would know he was very much a socialist and progressive of his time. He apparently had a serious problem with greedy capitalists. Imagine.

But money is God, nepotism is acceptable and Supreme Leader runs our society like a business where you can leverage people (and countries), pit one against the other and put the squeeze on opponents to make a deal. I doubt you will find these divine concepts anywhere in your Bible.

A lack of decency and empathy undermines democracies and leads to dictatorships far more than rightfully protesting their absence. It is regrettable and dangerous, due to a few stupid people and hired disrupters, that violence accompanies protests. It’s also regrettable and dangerous that fascism accompanies a Supreme Leader.

Steve Sutfin


Supporting Tonya Graham for mayor

Our community has an opportunity to elect a new mayor.

I am looking for a person with experience, integrity, leadership and track record showing she is responsible, accountable and committed to follow through on critical issues facing our community. I am delighted Tonya Graham is stepping forward.

The realities of climate change and justice are top priorities. Tonya offers more than ideas. As director of the GEOS Institute (a science-based organization addressing climate change solutions) and mother of Haitian kids, she has been walking her talk for years.

Our community has started to wake up to these critical issues that have been rumbling for too long. Creating drama does not make change. Assessing problems, understanding issues and creating solutions is what we need.

I believe Tonya has the tenacity and fortitude to see our numerous challenges through. Thank you, Tonya, for giving us a worthy choice for Ashland’s next mayor.

Risa Buck


Times got harder

Nothing could be harder. Those words spoken by an intelligent, kind detective, as we learned of the vile, heinous, body burning of beloved father, son, brother, a great friend, David Lewis. That was 12 long years ago.

A firefighter met with us, nearly secretively, to tell us what he experienced and the severe discouragement. This was not the reason, bravely, he took the road to become a firefighter. He told us he envisioned saving people, rescues, carrying children down ladders. Not cover-ups. Not smelling David burning and viewing the unspeakable, as the detective and medical examiner picked up 40 pounds of David. The firefighter cried. We cried.

And by God, it did get worse. We experienced the uncovering of corruption, in Jackson County, which ran to the bone. They said Dave was the Keeper of the Mountain. That he was nosy. There was a continued dangerous, appalling mess of two illegal mobile home developments on Hyatt Lake, allowed to sit permanently on a seasonal-use-only, limited-stay, no-electricity-allowed, RV overnight camp ground. It was as if this was the practice piece of what was to come.

t did get harder. It did get worse. Killers and cohorts still walk free. David should be here. To those good individuals who are honest, brave, truthful and of good character, sincere gratitude does not begin to thank you enough. Love always wins.

These are unprecedented hard and dark times. Justice is sorely needed for David Edwin Lewis. For so many others. Arrests are long overdue. Jackson County deserves justice and calm. Good wisdom, good justice and good health.

Linda Lewis Miller


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