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Letters, Aug. 28

Graham for mayor

Ashland is at the nexus of economic, social and environmental disruption.

We have the good fortune to be able to elect a mayor who will guide us through these times. A mayor who knows that the decisions made must come through thoughtful consideration that can only be determined by the community through civic engagement. She listens.

A mayor who has a consistent performance history of thoroughly researching every issue by attending city staff and commission meetings, by holding one-on-one discussions with citizens, advocacy groups, city and regional volunteer organizations and even touring the deteriorating jail. She shows up.

A mayor who understands the budget and is a fiscal realist who, with the help of all the people of this wonderful, unique jewel that is Ashland, is developing a resilient strategic plan to further our shared goals of climate adaptation, social equity and economic stability. Tonya Graham for Mayor.

Linda Peterson Adams


Wear your bike helmet

In 1970, when I had been riding bicycles since 1946, I bought my first bicycle helmet. I began wearing it on downhill screamers and in heavy traffic, but most of the time I didn’t.

In 1984, in a small, empty parking lot, I began a sharp, slow turn, my front wheel jammed somehow, and I went down, tapping my forehead on the pavement, opening a cut that took two stitches to close.

By that time, I had been riding for 38 years, commuting to school and then work, and taking several long tours. Records maintained by the Quantification of Fun Institute suggest that I had ridden over 80,000 miles.

All this is not to brag, but to qualify myself as an experienced rider, perhaps justified in considering myself an “expert.” Since that accident, I have not turned a crank without a helmet on. I had a crash one day that cracked my helmet.

I’m glad to see many apparently new riders, some of them nearly my age, but I’m not so glad to see how many of you are riding without helmets. I hope this letter will help change your minds about that.

Dave Harvey


Trust in FDA?

With thousands dying every week and his response to the COVID-19 pandemic a tragic fiasco, President Trump predictably blames, absent any evidence, the “Deep State” Federal Drug Administration staff of deliberately withholding new treatments. Almost immediately, the FDA caves in, and Trump suddenly cites the same agency and proclaims convalescent plasma treatment a historic breakthrough, just in time for the Republican National Convention. Afterwards, we learn that the FDA chief overstated the life-saving benefits of treatment, while at the same time, Trump’s chief of staff was declaring that FDA scientists “need to feel the heat.” And we are supposed to believe that this decision affecting us all was apolitical, in any way based on science, and trust this administration to protect us? It is in moments of crisis that we learn what leadership is and isn’t.

John Hamilton


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