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Letters, Aug. 31

Ordinance 3176

Ordinance 3176 was something the chief of police asked for to put in the Ashland Police “toolkit” last year.

Far from turning Ashland toward “more Draconian and fascist laws” as Sarah Spansail was quoted as saying to KDRV News last year, the law has remained as the chief said, a tool in the toolkit. The ordinance hasn’t been used even once.

I’m glad to know it’s there if needed. I hope the Ashland City Council votes to keep it as Ordinance 3189.

Ron Adams


Oligarchic looting

As the world burns, the ruling corporate oligarchs continue to divide us with emotional ploys via corporate media and hyper-partisan rhetoric. This ensures that we bicker over the bones while the oligarchs run off with the meat.

Capitalism lives off of the exploitation of people and the environment. It pursues short-term profit, seemingly oblivious to the fact that it is killing the goose that laid the golden eggs. Our once plentiful resources are now depleted and polluted, and it’s increasingly obvious that we cannot return to some nonexistent, idyllic past.

The previous 40-50 years has seen the gradual dismantling of democracy and the public good for oligarchic profit (capitalism). Citizens are now consumers and the oligarchic hijacking and looting of America is now turning us into a banana republic.

The recent defunding and dismantling of USPS machinery is theft of our holdings. But it is also an oligarchic attempt to smash democracy by preventing voting by mail. After all, machines are much easier to hack.

We now see a growing confluence of tipping points: obliteration of democracy, promotion of hate and cruelty, unchecked pandemic, climate change chaos and our impending immolation due to oligarchic pushers of fossil fuels.

Lee Lull


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