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Letters, Sept. 8

In defense of Sweden

Living in liberal Ashland, I never thought I’d have to come to the defense of Sweden — usually regarded as a quasi-socialist Valhalla. But there’s been considerable Sweden-bashing of late as that country refused to go into general lockdown, instead responding to COVID-19 in a manner that appeared in accord with “he-who-must-not-be-named.”

For six years I had a Swedish amplifier company as a client, so I dealt with Swedes practically on a daily basis. I found them highly intelligent and generally averse to taking risks. So what was with this “herd immunity” strategy, which most liberal media have dismissed as complete failure?

Did it really fail? Perhaps, but I think it’s too soon to pass judgment. True, cases spiked in March and April to among the highest rates in the world, and despite efforts to isolate vulnerable populations, deaths also spiked in late April to over 100 a day — quite high for a country of only 10 million.

But since then, deaths have steadily declined, now down to one or two a day. On a weekly basis, the current Swedish death rate per capita is tied for ninth among major European countries (not counting Andorra, etc.), significantly lower than Spain, Italy, the UK and Belgium, for example.

To my mind, the jury is still out on Sweden. If the death rate continues to decline, resulting in strings of zero death days, there may be some validity in their approach. We’ll have to wait and see.

I lost the Swedish company as a client when it was bought out by a German-Chinese conglomerate, but I still wish all the best for the gang back there in Kungsbacka. They took a chance along with their fellow Swedes, and I hope their risk-taking bodes well for all of us.

Bruce Borgerson


Trump flat-earth confusion

In an upside-down Trump world:

Science is replaced by delusional conspiracy hoaxes.

Street protests during his presidency are the responsibility of the other candidate.

A death toll closing in on 200,000 and a case rate that’s the worst in the world constitute success.

Inheriting a growing economy which plummets 33% during his presidency while unemployment balloons to 13% constitutes economic success.

Incompetence producing thousands of needless American deaths is pro-life.

Federal goons attacking peaceful protesters and promoting a murdering Trump fanatic constitute supporting law and order.

Encouraging foreign nations to meddle in U.S. elections plus enacting a party platform that supports anything Trump says or does comprises democracy.

A record of 21,000 lies constitutes “telling it like it is.”

Claiming there are “good people” among KKK white nationalist rioters represents racial sensitivity.

Promoting corruption means “draining the swamp.”

Destroying American health care is protecting health care.

Trisha Vigil


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