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Letters, Sept. 14

Local radio — so what?

As I sat in gridlock traffic Tuesday afternoon, I, like thousands of Rogue Valley residents, searched for help and guidance, as what to do and where to go, and where not to go, during one of the most tragic events taking place in our area within my 40-year residency.

Communities were burning to the ground, and there was not one single radio station that broke format in order to help and serve Southern Oregon residents during what will surely be noted as one of the decade’s worst events. I’m shocked at the lack of leadership within the local broadcast industry, and the lack of true understanding of what public service is all about. Not one finger was raised to help, or guide — in the hours of need that lay ahead.

Gary Stamps


No luxuries now

Locked in! Locked down! Locked out! Hard times for all. Uncertainty everywhere. Fatigue. Disheartenment — but — fear is a luxury we cannot afford in this moment in time. Apathy is not a luxury we can afford now. Indifference is not a luxury to be purchased at the price of freedom. Democracy is not a luxury. It is a necessity.

We are all in this together and we will all perish together either quickly because of a dose of COVID-19 or by slow strangulation of our freedoms at the choking hands of a federal administration whose only desire is the power of greed and the greed engendered by power.

Our only option is to choose the good, the moral, the ethical. It is not a question of which side of history we are on. There will be no history of democracy in the hands of an autocracy. There will only be violence, division, deprivation, depravity and the full loss of self as individuals and country.

Deep down we each know in which direction to go. We have no choice. This is no time to be a sunshine patriot but one who works for democracy in good weather or in foul! Wear a raincoat and carry an umbrella for “the rain it raineth every day!”

Rochelle Newman


Voting for Akins

Being more politically engaged than ever in my 66 years (the times demand it!), last fall I attended a few CityCouncil meetings. Wow, was I discouraged!

Valuable time taken up with lengthy presentations of tangential information propping up poorly supported proposals. Not enough time given for statements from community members. The meetings seemed a “show” to justify decisions already made by the council!

I was angry at having my time and opinion be so dismissed by the mayor and councilors who are supposed to represent me. I had to fix a cocktail and imbibe of some herb to calm down enough to think about attending again! Time for change!

The one lone dissenting council voice consistently reflecting the views of the citizens was Julie Akins. Knowledgeable, connected to the people, interested in efficient, humane, responsible, effective solutions. And, she’s running for mayor! I’m voting for her. How about you?

Marian Spadone


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