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Letters, Sept. 15

With gratitude

My home is located at the end of Glendower Street. At 11:25 on Tuesday a spark from the Almeda wildfire ignited the left side of my home in a terrifying wall of fire. It rapidly spread into the backyard. A minute later, a policeman arrived and then the fire department. The raging flames had by then engulfed the house next door — but were quickly and efficiently doused.

Had the fire department arrived a minute later, the flames would have certainly spread through our Quiet Village neighborhood and on into Ashland as a whole. Their rapid response was a turning point, sparing our community from the tragic destruction and suffering we are now witnessing in our sister towns of Talent and Phoenix.

I value and honor our fire and police departments, whose timing, skill, commitment and heroism were on high display this week.

Ellae Ellinwood


Use dorms for the displaced

Southern Oregon University has dorms sitting empty at a time when so many have been displaced by fire. Why not make those rooms available to those burned out?

Of course, there may be logistical issues, but this is an emergency. Surely the mayor and school president can coordinate the effort.

That’s what leaders do.

Joe Peterson


Not hard to understand

When unmarked police in Portland kidnap peaceful protesters and place them in unmarked vehicles, President Trump calls it “justice”. When the same things happens in Belarus, Trump condemns it.

When Black citizens are murdered by white police officers and white vigilantes time and time again, Trump does not take notice except to call the vigilantes “heroes.” But when white police officers are murdered by a Black man (Compton), Trump calls that Black man an animal.

It isn’t hard to understand why there is a race and justice problem in the U.S.

Tom Dimitre


Vote for Paula Hyatt

I encourage my fellow Ashlanders to join me in voting for Paula Hyatt in the upcoming Ashland City Council election. Paula is a remarkably bright and analytical person who will be a tremendous asset to the council. Having served four years on the Citizens Budget Committee, she has unmatched knowledge of the city’s fiscal issues at a time when such knowledge is critically important, as Ashland digs itself out of its deep financial hole.

I’ve worked closely with Paula on neighborhood issues and have seen first-hand her ability to synthesize diverse inputs about complex problems into well-crafted and broadly accepted solutions.

There’s no doubt in my mind that she will be a great city councilor. Please visit her web site, paulamhyatt.com, to learn more about her specific positions on the many issues facing Ashland. Paula Hyatt deserves your support and your vote in the Nov. 3 Ashland City Council election.

Dave Kanner


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