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Letters, Sept. 23

A rebuttal to Ann McFeatters

In response to Ann Mcfeatters on Monday’s opinion page:

I’m a progressive socialist and very left wing.

But, I get tired of hearing all this talk of climate change deniers. I’ve never met one.

I think it’s really pragmatists and dreamers. There’s nothing we can do but prepare for the worst. And that could mean jobs for the working class, too.

So I say stop all the whining about climate deniers and let’s talk about what we’re gonna do. Buying electric vehicles, etc., those things are all Band-Aids. And most of the noise is coming from environmental organizations that benefit from all the noise. Donations are their life blood. So they make a big stink just to keep their jobs. Jobs that really don’t help society. Building dikes would help society.

Bob Rawlings


Terrie Martin for commissioner

I met Terrie Martin at a virtual house party in August. Before that Zoom meeting I only knew that Terrie rode a Harley in her campaign ad.

At that meeting we questioned Terrie about many topics, and she was very knowledgeable about each one. By the end of the meeting, I was a real fan.

Some issues she will focus on are:

1. Affordable housing (and this was before the Almeda fire).

2. Resources for mental health and addiction programs.

3. COVID-19 recovery and upholding public health guidelines.

What I learned about Terrie is that she is smart, caring, thoughtful and a good listener. She is a small-business owner (who lost that business in the fire) and a longtime resident of the Rogue Valley. She cares about Jackson County and will work honestly and carefully for us.

I feel proud to endorse Terrie Martin for Jackson County commissioner.

Janet LaFountain

Central Point

Supporting DuQuenne

For over a decade, I’ve enjoyed working with Gina DuQuenne in community services and as a fellow Rotarian.

Gina assumes responsibility with grace, courage and effectiveness. Her governance experience earned her leadership roles in our Rotary Club.

Gina will bring to City Council the experience, wisdom, creativity and temperament for shared leadership in guiding Ashland through recovery from pandemic, fire and extreme climate impacts. She will promote inclusive community engagement in shaping our city’s future to thrive for all.

She understands interdependencies among strong business, education, arts and culture, health and social services, justice and equity. She listens with an open mind and heart; she is honest, forthright, and gentle; she engages a wide range of talents to get things done; and she is genuine in her warmth and compassion for others.

Elisabeth Zinser


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