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Letters, Sept. 25

The rest of the fracking story

I refer to Marc Thiessen’s opinion column: “Fracking is on the ballot. Don’t listen to the left’s calls to stop” (Mail Tribune, Sept. 20). Thiessen attacks various top Democrats as insufficiently patriotic in failing to support the oil and gas fracking industry. He neglects, as he so often neglects, to tell the rest of the story.

All of us — even Democrats — will be supporting this industry, like it or not. Setting aside environmental matters, the fracking industry fails a basic test of American greatness: it doesn’t make money.

Even in pre-pandemic days of high oil and gas prices, the industry as a whole failed to turn a profit. It has operated as a pretty successful pyramid scheme, drawing new ranks of hopeful investors to accumulate debt of one-quarter trillion dollars. With annual operating costs now exceeding revenues by about $5 billion dollars, there is no hope this fracking debt will ever be made good. Time for a patriotic taxpayer bailout, as was vaguely promised by President Trump during a recent visit to the Permian Basin in Texas.

Ron Iverson


Reasons to vote for Terrie Martin

Here are reasons to elect Terrie Martin for Jackson County commissioner.

Check her website “Terrie Martin for Jackson County Commissioner.” She tells you about herself, her Southern Oregon roots and personal and professional experiences up to the present. She knows the valley and the constituencies first hand. She will represent all of us, those who have and those who don’t.

Watch her interview with the Mail Tribune where she responds to questions about COVID-19, the LNG pipeline, hemp growers, land use and the importance of leadership that casts a wide net. Her position on the proposed jail and her reasons for opposing it line up well with the majority of voters.

We are fortunate Terrie has stepped forward to run. Her experiences have been here, and she shows the dedication to improving the quality of life for all that we need. Vote Terrie Martin for Jackson County commissioner.

Steve Haskell


A Democrat for Dotterrer

When we vote we should focus on the individual who is the candidate and not on the “Democrat” or the “Republican.” I am a Democrat who strongly supports Dave Dotterrer for county commissioner.

Dave is someone who wants to unite people in our county, not divide them. For example, he has talked with law enforcement officials and community organization leaders to see how together they can help individuals in trouble. He is focusing on the homeless and small businesses to insure their economic stability. Dave is a policy maker, not a politician. He is a thoughtful, proven leader whose goal is to bring people together by working hard and solving problems.

So don’t automatically look at the ballot for the Republican or the Democrat. Look for the individual who most relates to what you feel is important. To me, that person who will bring us together is Dave Dotterrer.

Jerry Kenefick


Vote for Terrie Martin

I have lived in the Rogue Valley now for 36 years. In that time I have realized the importance the job of county commissioner.

We are very lucky this coming election to have a great candidate, Terrie Martin. She is a longtime resident of our community and small-business owner.

I personally got to know her the last few years and was impressed with her ability to communicate well with all types of people. She will work very hard to improve the availability of medical help and testing for COVID-19. She is also very aware of the need for fire prevention in our dry mountain community. She will work to get better alarm systems in place and supports proper forest management.

We have a great opportunity to vote in a very bright, business-minded woman in Terrie Martin, running for Jackson County commissioner Position2.

Rosalind Schrodt


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