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Letters, Sept. 28

Republicans have abdicated

The abdication of responsibility to the nation by most congressional Republications seems to be occurring from an atmosphere of great fear that has them wagging their haunches as they pant happily in his presence. As things accelerate, they look away embarrassedly, and whistle into the wind.

Trump told us during his campaign that he could “stand in the middle of Times Square and shoot someone, and I wouldn’t lose any votes.” Obviously, he can do much more than that, and he now knows it.

They know that what they see is fraught with danger to our democracy. They know the media is not the “enemy of the people,” that disagreement should not lead to exile, and they know that the divisiveness in this country — often leading to violence — does not have to be the new norm. Extremist political handlers savor this opportunity, as do white nationalists, neo-Nazis, and confused but hopefully well-intentioned evangelicals. Many congressional Republicans are decent, honest individuals who seem to have simply misplaced their values. I know they remember what intelligent, bipartisan discourse used to be.

They should wake up, listen to their conscience and be what the country needs them to be, before it’s too late.

Don Azar


Supporting Marcotulli

We are writing to endorse Kelly Marcotulli for Ashland City Council.

We’ve known Kelly for over 2 1/2 years. She is one of the most compassionate, motivated and dynamic people we’ve ever known. Kelly Marcotulli cares deeply about Ashland, its future health and vibrancy. Her activism through the organization she created, Oregon for Safer Technology, has helped educate our citizens about the dangers of WiFi radiation and recently defeated a plan by AT&T to erect an unsightly toxic cell tower adjacent to the SOU football field, as well as the Head Start facility for young children and other nearby academic institutions.

She’s been tireless in her advocacy for a safe, pristine Ashland for all its citizens and tourists to enjoy. We strongly support Kelly Marcotulli for City Council, as we desperately need her powerful leadership qualities now more than ever as our unique city faces unprecedented challenges ahead.

Robert and Denise Allen


To fight climate change, vote

Heat, drought, catastrophic fires, hurricanes and sea rise are here. As overwhelming as this is, there is something we can do. Vote.

Democrats have a full plan to fight global warming and climate change. Rejoin the Paris Climate Accord. Restore the EPA. Renewable energy. Cap methane. End oil and coal pollution. Higher mileage.

These and more were working under Obama-Biden. Trump killed all of them and unleashed environmental havoc. Here in Oregon, state Legislature Democrats were set to pass sweeping reforms to fight climate change. But Republican minority members fled out of state, ending the legislative session.

To reverse the damage of climate change and the ongoing Republican agenda making it worse, vote Democrat. From Biden-Harris at the top all the way down the ballot. Democrats know climate change is real, and are working to fix it. Republicans are intentionally doing less than nothing.

Art Buck


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