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Letters, Sept. 30

Endorsing Kelly Marcotulli

I am endorsing Kelly Marcotulli for Ashland City Council. She has the enthusiasm and tenacity to help Ashland and its neighbors recover from the most catastrophic event to occur in Oregon’s history.

Her research and decision-making skills will aid Ashland in continuing to be nationally recognized hub of innovation, regrowth and recovery. I have known and worked with Kelly for years and in those years she has proven to be genuinely dedicated, inspiring, kind, motivated and intelligent.

She works through challenges and invites input from other interested parties, considering all points of view, before reaching a prudent choice. She stands up for what she believes in, listens to others, and pushes for changes where they are needed.

I fully support Kelly Marcotulli’s candidacy for Ashland City Council.

Paul Sheldon


Tonya Graham for mayor

I’ve observed at City Council meetings that Tonya Graham is a smart, hard-working and collaborative person with the skills that are critical to being a good mayor.

I’d encourage everyone to take the opportunity to watch some of the archived City Council meetings available at https://www.ashland.or.us/Page.asp?NavID=745. As you watch, assess which candidate you believe will be able to represent the city of Ashland, effectively preside at council meetings and bring parties together in the policy development process.

Tonya has demonstrated her independence from the ACES (Ashland Citizens for Economic Sustainability) PAC (political action committee). While I’m certainly in favor of economic stability for Ashland, I don’t think we want a PAC having enough influence to determine the outcome of our local elections.

I believe Tonya has the personal attributes Ashland needs to serve as mayor in these challenging times.

Adrienne Simmons


Supporting Akins

We have many challenges ahead for Ashland: moving to a new city manager style of management, making significant budget cuts, attracting new business and industry while not sacrificing our culture, providing care and services for not only our current unhoused population, but the anticipated increase in individuals and families who will be facing eviction in the coming weeks.

I am supporting Julie Akins because she represents the kind of progressive, humane and responsible leadership that I think is critical for Ashland as we continue to wade in these often troubling waters of COVID, divisive politics and economic challenges. This is a time when we need our best minds and our most open and transparent leadership styles at the helm.

The current two candidates for mayor represent quite different views of how to govern. For myself, I choose to support Julie Akins.

Paul West


Gina for the people

Sometimes years go by without anyone special coming your way. When they appear you realize how fortunate you are to have met them.

Meeting Gina DuQuenne was one of those times. We met at a dinner party and discovered some of the things we had in common. We both came from Los Angeles; we’re both one of several sisters in our respective families; and I surmised that she would come to love living in Ashland..

I was right. Gina is deeply committed to several Ashland issues and serves on the boards of Ashland’s Rotary Club and the Addictions Recovery Center; she’s a member of the Housing and Human Services Commission and she singlehandedly founded Southern Oregon Pride. And all this while working as the Senior Sales Manager for the Neuman Hotel Group.

I wholeheartedly endorse Gina for City Council. She will give her all to serving the community she loves.

Susan Zane


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