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Letters, Oct. 1

Tonya Graham for mayor

Please join me in voting for Tonya Graham for mayor. Ashland needs an independent voice in the mayor’s office, not one that is run by “party politics.”

Ashland needs an independent thinker who listens to all sides of an issue, who works well with others and has a collaborative spirit. Tonya works to build community, bring people together, and she works to make Ashland a better place for all people.

Ashland needs someone who is present at all times and willing to take on the considerable duties of the mayor’s office. Tonya Graham is an inspiring and forward-thinking person. She walks the talk. Please vote Tonya Graham for mayor!

Dennis Slattery


Vote for Akins

Tired of the rising costs and spend-spend-spend mentality of Ashland’s current mayor and governance? Then I urge you to vote for Julie Akins for mayor.

Akins is committed to fiscal responsibility and accounting, as well as transparency. Along with 70% of Ashland’s voters, she opposed the recent City Hall bond (which her opponent strongly supported). I suggest you visit her website, julieakins.com (blog/on the record, how I voted), to see for yourself what her record is versus her opponent.

Akins also opposed raising garbage and utility rates; her opponent voted in favor. If you want positive change here in Ashland, then vote for Julie Akins for mayor!

Susanne Severeid


Endorsing Graham

I am an attorney/small business owner in Ashland. Over the years, I have known Tonya Graham, she has filled many roles — mother, community activist, leader.

Tonya works tirelessly. She throws herself into her work as a city councilor and executive director of a respected climate-action nonprofit. And I have watched her cheer on her son playing tee-ball with mine!

Our town needs a mayor who knows how to get things done through leadership, planning and delegation. Tonya has just the right combination of skills — forward-thinking, competent, compassionate, consensus-building — and she demonstrates that in word and deed every day.

Tonya devotes her intelligence, time and heart space to those who have suffered disasters and severe trauma. Where others might run from heartbreak, Tonya leans into it. With a kind and capable mayor, we can turn our recent fire-disaster into a community-building and town-enhancing experience. I wholeheartedly endorse Tonya Graham for mayor.

Susan Krant


Endorsing Akins

I would like to take this opportunity to endorse Julie Akins for the position of Ashland mayor.

I’ve studied the candidates’ vitae and have determined that Akins is the best qualified candidate to fill this very important role. We’ve all experienced recent crisis (emotional as well as literal), and it is imperative that we can rely on the skill set that Julie will bring to this office. She has requisite governmental experience as well as creative, investigative proficiency in order to seek and implement solutions to the critical challenges Ashland currently faces.

Julie Akins is not shy about standing up to dissent from differing power sources. She’s transparent and realistic — while open to “thinking outside the box.” A vote for Julie Akins is a vote for change, and Ashland needs that change — now.

Vicki Bamman


Akins for mayor

Ashland matters. With her foundation in broadcast and print journalism and a seat on our City Council, Julie Akins takes matters seriously.

The pandemic has changed our Shakespeare festival, our university and our small businesses. As we start over in new ways, Julie Akins is the person we need to lead this revival.

When it comes to Ashland’s quality of life, please vote Julie Akins for mayor.

Mark K. Brown


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