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Letters, Oct. 15

Dotterrer is needed now

With local, county and state revenues falling precipitously, one thing to insist on in candidates for office at all levels is a record of fiscal propriety. Ideally, not just a theoretical one consisting entirely of promises, but an actual record in managing public funds wisely.

Of the candidates for Jackson County commissioner, one who fully meets that requirement is Dave Dotterrer. He has experience managing government funds both at the federal level while commander of the U.S. Marine Barracks (which has a multi-million dollar budget), at the state level working alongside Dennis Richardson when he was co-chair of the Oregon Legislature’s budget committee, and at the local level when he served three terms on the Ashland Planning Commission, and currently as a charter school board chairman who put the Logos charter school in a strong financial position.

Dave Dotterrer is the proven champion of thoughtful fiscal responsibility desperately needed now.

David Churchman


Supporting Graham

During mayoral candidate Tonya Graham’s work with the council and as liaison to Ashland’s Wildfire Safety Commission, she’s demonstrated a keen grasp of a wide range of issues, skill at reaching effective, productive compromises, as well as an impressive personal and professional commitment toward making Ashland more resilient and better protected against natural disasters.

I’ve been impressed by Tonya’s commitment to making our town safer and prioritizing the city’s work. Her proposed survey of residents would clarify which city programs Ashlanders value most — and least — and help move the city toward well-informed cost reductions based on citizen input.

Tonya has remarkable skill at listening to and considering opposing points of view, reaching for thoughtful consensus on the wide range of difficult challenges facing Ashland. I strongly support her candidacy for mayor.

Stephen Gagne


Gina for the people of Ashland

It was my pleasure to meet Gina DuQuenne about 10 years ago as she managed events at the Ashland Springs Hotel. Gina and I worked together on several large fundraising events. Gina has strong yet flexible skills, enabling her to juggle several topics at one time, an ability I strongly admire.

Gina later worked with me on a local committee addressing the economy by working directly with business owners to make sure they were well informed about community issues. Gina’s desire for Ashland’s success is deeply embedded in building a robust economy throughout the city.

As the creator of SOPride, we must all thank Gina for her dedication to social justice in creating safe space for all of our residents and visitors. Gina DuQuenne is my choice for City Council and should be yours too!

Elaine Sweet


Voting for Shaun Moran

Shaun Moran is a good dude. He should be an Ashland city councilor.

I’ve known him for a short time, and he has been consistent and persistent. He just wants the city to be smarter with its budget. He is a stand-up guy who follows through and a persistent guy who follows up.

The city establishment has smeared him with the “he-wants-to-restrict spending-he-must-hate-babies” logic on social media.

The Shaun Moran I know does want to restrict spending but also — loves babies. He has kids in the schools. He volunteered on the school budget board. He was involved with the Ashland Food Bank. He volunteered on the budget committee.

Shaun Moran is indeed a budget hawk, but he is also a social dove. He supports this city’s commitment to the underserved and marginalized members of our community.

Join me in voting for Shaun Moran.

Jim Falkenstein


Ashland needs Graham

Tonya Graham must be our next mayor. A recent letter, warning about the clique of ACES candidates running for our City Council, had it right: Real fiscal responsibility consists, not of promising to cut public spending no matter what the circumstances, but of using public resources wisely to meet public needs.

Unlike her opponent, Tonya does her homework, attends every meeting and brings people of diverse views together to create solutions. In the midst of the current devastation to our community, we need all ideas on the table as our leaders map a way forward. It would be absurd to elect a mayor and council members who have handcuffed themselves by insisting on budget cuts before considering any additional spending in these perilous times.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best, “a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.” Vote for Tonya Graham, an independent problem solver for Ashland mayor.

Susan Stitham


Defensible spaces

To the neighbor who yelled at me for trimming up my conifers per the Ashland fire marshal’s request: I’m wondering if they were thinking of the people who lost their lives in these fires or the thousands of homeless people who have no roof, money or food right now.

If all our neighbors got together and did these fire-wise improvements, our town would be in much better shape. Having go-bags and getting rid of fuels will be the fabric of our lives for some time to come. Just like thinking of other people wearing masks, we can thank our neighbors for trying to take care of our environment so the first responders might have a better chance at saving our homes when the time comes.

Leslie Levy


We’re already socialist

Remember when Trump said he loved the poorly educated? He still does! He doesn’t want you to read or research: stick with Fox and Rush — they’ll do your thinking for you!

In the letter from Sunday’s paper: “So you hate Trump,” Larry Nathan proclaims: “Republicans protect your freedom of choice.”

Really? They support a woman’s right to choose, your right to protest, your right as a minority member to vote?

He claims Democrats want socialism not capitalism. We are already a largely democratic socialist country. Walter Reed? We paid for it! Roads and bridges? We all paid for it! All those bailout dollars to the fossil fuel industries and the tariffs on China? We paid for that, not China, along with the bailouts for the farmers This great country is mostly democratic socialism at work — and if you knew the facts, you really wouldn’t want it any other way!

Livia Genise


The choice is clear

Based on recent election results, the citizens of Ashland are looking for a new direction and new leadership. The choice is truly clear in the upcoming mayoral election.

Julie Akins represents the change we want to see.

  • 70% of Ashland voters opposed the boondoggle City Hall project. Julie Akins said no to it; her opponent said yes.
  • 63% of Ashlanders voted to appoint an independent city manager to professionally oversee the city administration. Julie Akins voted for the required change; her opponent voted against.

Ashland citizens recognize that the city is on an unsustainable spending track.

Julie Akins has signed the ACES Economic Sustainability Pledge. She supports getting Ashland government back on a viable and sustainable footing. Her opponent has declined to make that commitment.

The choice is clear. Vote for Julie Akins for mayor.

Christine Meredith


Destroyed campaign signs

Why does Rita Seibert Paul (Oct. 10) assume it was someone from the left? Did she possibly jump to the wrong conclusion?

Perhaps it was someone from the right hoping to illicit just this type of thinking? Can’t we all just get along?

C. Williams


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