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Letters, Oct. 19

A stronger Ashland

I encourage Ashland to support Shaun Moran for City Council, position3.

COVID-19 and the Almeda fire have brought into focus the plight of our business community, housing disparities, social injustice, fire mitigation and climate change.

We need candidates who are committed to getting the city back on sound financial footing, willing to make tough decisions on sensible spending, diversifying the economy to lessen Ashland’s dependence on tourism, address fire mitigation and climate change, and continue making Ashland a welcoming community for all. Shaun is committed to making this happen.

Shaun works tirelessly volunteering his time to make Ashland strong for the future of our children. That is why I invite you to vote for Shaun Moran in the November election. For more about Shaun Moran, his positions and ideas for the economic sustainability of Ashland, go to his website: http://www.moranforcouncil.com.

Meredith Page


Supporting Tonya Graham

While working for the Ashland School District as athletic director and head football coach, I saw the hard work and volunteer commitment Tonya had for the ASD and its community. She worked tirelessly to raise money for the Ashland Schools Foundation and the critical Ashland Youth Activities Levy.

This recent pandemic and smoke has put our businesses and schools at risk. We are facing new challenges and Tonya has the experience and expertise to create a united effort to meet these challenges in creative and innovative ways.

She understands our current economic dilemma and will bring the business community, citizens and our City Council along together to find solutions. Ashland needs to keep the vibrant, wonderful community we live in strong and healthy, but at the same time do it within our means. We need a facilitator who is hard-working, and I believe that person is Tonya Graham.

Jim Nagel


Vote for Paula Hyatt

I have known Paula Hyatt for a number of years and feel she is an excellent choice for Ashland City Council Position 1. Paula has many years of experience in financial management including four years on our city Budget Committee.

I served with Paula on our Homeowners Association board and she demonstrated strong leadership skills in active listening, showing empathy, communicating clearly and strategic thinking skills. There are a number of tough issues facing our city, and Paula Hyatt has the experience and skills to help lead the way to resolving these issues. Please join me in voting for Paula Hyatt.

Maureen Vega


Walk the talk

I am voting for the “slate,” as people who are running as progressive candidates in Ashland have been labeled by those opposing their candidacy. And let’s be clear about this: each of these candidates is running independently and does not consider his/her self part of a “slate.”

Simply put, I am voting for Julie Akins, Shaun Moran, Gina DeQuenne and Andy Card because these candidates bring a pledge for fiscal responsibility, and they also have new ideas for city government, ideas that are actually progressive.

I would like to see a City Council that has budgeted wisely for repairs to Ashland’s buildings, including the roof of Pioneer Hall. I prefer councilors who have set aside money to repair roads before the roads totally fail. I think you get the general idea.

Please join me in looking forward to a city that walks its progressive talk.

Richard Werich


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