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Letters, Oct. 28

Golf Course is an asset

I am writing to oppose the suggestion by Cory Ross (Letters, Oct.16) that the Oak Knoll Golf Course be turned into low-cost housing

Ross’s financial statistics about the course revenue are out of date. Since the beginning of 2019, the course has experienced a sharp increase in patronage and is thriving like it hasn’t for many years. Revenue increased 20% over the first six months of 2019. The 2020 summer’s revenue was a record high, despite the course being closed for 44 days due to Covid-19. And Centennial is not a comparable alternative to Oak Knoll. Oak Knoll is a community meeting place, where people belong, not simply a golf course.

There have been new programs for youth, and the grounds have been utilized for summer music concerts, weddings, charitable fundraisers and other events.

Ross asks what kind of future we envision for Ashland. How about one with amenities that make the city attractive to visitors as well as residents? Do we have to have a new pool? Do we have to have a skating rink? A Japanese Garden? These are public assets that give Ashland the rich culture we all value.

Oak Knoll also serves as a greenbelt on the southeast side of the city.

And how does Ross propose to keep the housing from being bought up for second homes by outsiders, as she notes has happened in Verde Village and Phillips Corner?

Avram Chetron


Recipe for a Republican voter

Start with a denial of science, then add blind allegiance to the NRA and Fox News.

Stir in voter suppression and tax breaks for the wealthy. Add a full cup of “fear of the other.”

Bake in the heat of hypocrisy until a thick crust forms on the top.

Serve with a sprinkle of patriotic jingoism and gobble fast.

Chase down with the right glass of Kool-aid.

Richard Newman


Ashland mayor

Measure 107 is for campaign finance reform on the statewide level. One of the candidates for mayor of Ashland doesn’t even support campaign finance reform on the local level. That’s Julie Akins. She’s “progressive”?

Akins would not sign a city of Ashland voluntary agreement to limit campaign expenditures in the mayor’s race to $3,850. Akins has spent $11,426 so far. Tonya Graham has spent $3,230.

Graham not only signed the agreement, but limited contributions to $100 or less per person. She has refunded any amount over $100. Akins did not limit the amount of her contributions. She has accepted $2,000 from two people, $1,000 from three people, and multiple hundreds from others.

What Julie Akins did sign was a pledge of allegiance to a PAC named ACES, a “read my lips, no new taxes, no matter what” limited government group.

Tonya Graham for Ashland mayor!

Ron Adams


Akins is the progressive choice

I support Julie Akins for mayor. Julie has consistently stood up for our values, accurately and respectfully represented constituents, and has literally “walked her talk.”

On a cold day last spring I saw Julie walking through town, talking with unhoused people, listening to residents’ and business owners’ concerns, and offering help. Conversely, Tonya Graham, who I supported two years ago believing she’d be a progressive voice, has dismissed and misrepresented constituents’ opinions. Tonya voted to criminalize poverty, for the jail tax, and for the City Hall boondoggle — expensive and ineffective approaches that won’t address our challenges.

Their voting records are clear. Julie Akins listens and supports effective, progressive solutions. That is what I want from a mayor, and that is how Julie Akins leads. Please join me in voting for Julie, and for Gina DuQuenne, another clear, progressive voice who lives her values and who will represent our whole community.

Pauline Black


Trump comment revealing

As many singular, revealing bits that came out of the last Biden-Trump bunfight, the one that spoke uniquely on D. Trump’s sub-surface mental make-up was his comment (paraphrased here) on “catch-and-release”: Only “very low-IQ people” return for their mandated court dates.

But the key is the context: Just prior to that snark-gem, Trump had said that the “rapists and murderers” wouldn’t attend their court dates. In other words, in Trump’s calculus, the latter criminal group are the high-IQ people (like him, his family, and his sewer-dwelling cronies), and only the “dummies” play by the rules.

How well this meshes with his comments about “suckers” in military service and “only stupid people” paying their fair share of tax.

Lance Mason


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