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Letters, Nov. 3

Still riding it out?

I felt cast into an alternate universe when I looked at the cover of the Tidings on Oct 31. Under the headline “Still Riding it Out,” an article about how Gov. Kate Brown’s new COVID metrics will still prevent local schools from opening, was a picture of three unmasked adults packed into a small trailer with about 10 mostly unmasked kids. The caption says it’s Abraham Lincoln Elementary students in a Halloween parade on Friday in Medford.

I think we all long for some normalcy, especially at a time like Halloween when kids have so much fun dressing up for one another, trick-or-treating and parading. However, what message does it send when schools are closed for an abundance of caution while adults (I hope they’re not teachers) and kids ride unmasked and crammed into a tiny trailer at a local public school. Online pictures reveal they’re parading in front of the school itself.

Let’s all be safe and “ride it out,” as the headline proclaims, by acting in ways that show respect for everyone in our society. There is no mystery about what we need to do to ride this unfortunate situation out. Let’s send consistent messages that show we care.

Jim Bowers


Tonya Graham for mayor

We support Tonya Graham for mayor. She is incredibly smart, with terrific insights, great people skills, good ideas, and the energy and stamina to work through difficult issues. In her blog written while on City Council, you can see her thoughtful decision-making, her priority for gathering input from a variety of citizens and sources, and the clarity of her positions.

When John served with Tonya on our church council, he experienced how collaborative she is, listening and assessing all points of view. She was proactive and anticipated problems, having creative solutions, but always striving to achieve consensus.

She has the experience and skills to be mayor under our new form of city government. Tonya’s leadership is apparent in the rating Charity Navigator gives her Geos Institute: three stars (out of four) overall, the same as OSF, and four stars for “accountability and transparency.” Great qualities for Ashland’s next mayor.

Marilyn and John Love


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