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Letters, Nov. 4

Speak up, educators

I have been waiting for someone in education — a teacher, a principal, a school board member — to write a letter to the citizens of Jackson County imploring them to wear masks, social distance and stop having inside gatherings and of course wash hands, so we can halt the surging cases of COVID-19 and our schools can open.

The people who ignore these essential practices are the very ones spreading the virus and preventing schools from opening. Please speak up, educators, as your opinions are valued by our citizens.

Char Hersh


Reseeding the Greenway

Just finished reading the Nov. 3 article in the Mail Tribune titled “Reseeding the Greenway.”

I applaud the volunteer work being done to reseed the area. However, native species are not the dominant species with creekside vegetation around here, blackberries are.

Yes, herbicides can be and should be used to kill off the initial re-emergence of the blackberries, but for long-term maintenance, mechanical means (mowing) must be part of the plan. In other words, if mowing is not part of the plan, we should plan for another event like the Almeda fire.

J. Miller


Patriotism after the election

Hospitals in several states are reaching capacity due to COVID-19, similar to New York last spring. So Trump, who just received the best health care in the world, is attacking doctors and nurses for telling the truth about the situation. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear Trump supporters chant “lock them up.”

Have you no shame, Mr. Trump?

A right-wing Christian dared to use a biblical parable to say let the person without sin cast the first stone at Trump. Unbelievable!

Trump casts boulders at the weak, the disabled, people of color, prisoners of war, and anyone who dares to disagree with Trump. Sir, direct your letter to Trump, not us. Trump does not believe he has ever sinned. He believes he is God.

By the time this is published, Election Day will have passed. Whatever happens, I think the next six to 12 months will be a very dangerous time.

All good citizens need to stay the course of civility and personal responsibility in this critical juncture. Wear masks in order to protect others and put a dent in COVID-19, because it is the patriotic thing to do! Donate monthly to rebuild housing for our neighbors. If you are religious, say some prayers for our country.

Most of all, show up and lock arms against the Proud Boys and other militia groups. We cannot let extremists steal public land, threaten officials, take over media outlets, or create fear. Patriots need to stand by and be ready to protect American democracy.

Dan Van Dyke


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