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Letters, Nov. 14

Outrageous inaction

I was shocked to read (ashlandtidings.com/news/coronavirus/covid-19-surge-overwhelms-jackson-county-contact-tracers) that Colleen Roberts and Rick Dyer, two of our county commissioners, continue to endanger community safety and put lives at risk by refusing to support stronger county-wide public messaging about preventing coronavirus spread through use of basic CDC-approved steps: masks, social distancing and hand-washing.

Jackson County is in the midst of a very dangerous spike in COVID cases, with hospitalization rates that are threatening capacity. Yet Roberts refused to support Board of Commissioners messaging urging everyone to wear a mask, and suggested at a recent study session that taking vitamins — yes! — will do the trick and mask-wearing is an optional “personal responsibility.”

This is outrageous and dangerous.

Unprotected large group gatherings and lax preventive measures are spreading the virus to our community’s vulnerable groups — exponentially. I urge these irresponsible commissioners to stop politicizing this crisis and immediately take the evidence-based action recommended by CDC and their own overworked and overwhelmed public health agency.

Laurie True


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