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Letters, Nov. 18

People I won’t make nice with

People I won’t make nice with during any presidency, starting with: racists, white supremacists, Confederate flag-wavers, beefy or bearded armed men looking to shoot someone; theocrats or Christian nationalists; denizens of alternative-facts mental states; people who consider the amoral, the ethically challenged, the emotionally volatile, the congenital liar, the reality-TV creation to be especially well-suited to govern and represent America.

Continuing, those whose psychological well-being is threatened by pursuits of higher education, demonstrated professional expertise, or by living in flyover states while receiving government support and bailouts.

People who think the phrase “Nobody ever got a job from a poor person” justifies the unchecked accumulation of extreme national wealth into the hands of a very few, while ignoring the ongoing destruction of the middle-class and succeeding generations.

Closing, my perennial favorites: rugged, “You’re not the boss of me” individuals who sleep better with an authoritarian CEO in charge of things, and those who imagine Latin American dictators exist on the same Western Enlightenment-birthed spectrum that the U.S. historically stumbles along, that between American wet-dream, laissez-faire capitalist democracy and extant social democracy as lived by Canadians, Europeans and Scandinavians.

John Gaffey


Trump is a sore loser

Sore losers are those who clearly lose but cannot accept their loss. Kids who are sore losers become enraged and want revenge.

You’d think that after declaring bankruptcy and demonstrating numerous times that he lacks business acumen, the Donald would know about losing. Apparently not!

The worst of sore losers are those who destroy the playing field on the way out. It seems that this is exactly what sore loser Trump is committed to doing to our democracy. He cannot pick up our White House and go home; he must leave.

The principle behind democracy is that if the current holder of an elected position loses, that person ensures a smooth transition to the next occupant. Democratic presidents also do this.

For four years, Dear Leader has been committed to undermining the health of Americans and undermining our democracy in the service of self, family, and despotic dictators across the globe. That behavior has been squarely rejected by the voters. It’s time for Trump and his cult followers to vacate the swamp they have created and go home. You lose! It’s time to go!

We now need to take back the Senate from Trump’s corrupt enablers.

Trisha Vigil


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