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Letters, Nov. 19

Two for one

We have two concurrent pandemics infecting our country at this critical moment in our history. One affects our physical body and the other our body politic. Each is enervating. Each kills. But in different ways.

The first virus can be suppressed with initial common-sense measures within the reach and understanding of everyone. But it is the second one that seems not to be comprehensible to a certain percentage of the American population.

It is the herd mentality that advocates herd immunity, but they all haven’t heard any real science. It is the disease of denial, ignorance, false political loyalty and a belief that “freedom” means the ability to do anything at any time and everywhere because individual liberty is paramount. It is the lone cowboy mentality riding his obedient horse through endless miles of emptiness where his actions have seemingly few consequences. (Ask Native Americans how well that worked.)

The cure for this disease should not include pandering to the narcissist at the top of our government. His need for approval, revenge, aggrandizement, obeisance has put us all into the precarious position we are in now. Removing the head of this hydra is the first step to change. Though more heads may try to grow in its place, maybe, just maybe, with a great deal of work, we can cauterize the wound and slay the monsters.

Rochelle Newman


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