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Letters, Nov. 27

Trump’s lawyers spread distrust

While I appreciate Mr. Mozingo‘s defense of Trump’s legal team from his perspective as “a retired FBI agent with court room experience,” I can’t agree with his final conclusion.

He claims “Trump understands voter trust in our elections is as important for the country as is a reversal for him.” However, Mozingo implies that this is being done in good faith. What Donald Trump and his internationally embarrassing lawyers have done is spread distrust in our election system, not “trust.”

Our democracy depends on Americans trusting that their vote counts. How many of Trump’s 73 million cult members will trust in that vote now? How many will even know that over 30 lawsuits brought by this charlatan’s lawyers were rejected for lack of evidence?

Once again, whether or not he is on Putin’s payroll, he is doing Putin’s work for him. Disgusting sedition from a conman and malignant narcissist!

Livia Genise


Thanks for fire coverage

I would like to commend Allayana Darrow and the Ashland Tidings for the thoughtful, well-written piece about Northridge Center that was published on Friday, Nov. 20.

I have very much appreciated all of the stories that bring to life the extent of the devastation of the fire. As our wonderfully resilient community continues to rebuild, learning what our friends and neighbors experienced is a humbling experience.

Those of us who did not lose our homes, campsites or places of business truly have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Thank you again for this excellent article as well as all of the survivor stories that you have been publishing, particularly the ones written by the college students.

As the days and weeks go by, I hope that you will continue to publish these accounts so that we do not forget how important it is to put into place policies of sustainable fire prevention and climate awareness and that we keep in mind that we should be rebuilding to benefit the people who lost everything in the fire.

Emily Simon


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