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Letters, Dec. 3

Thanks for fire story

Our gratitude to Damian Mann for his Nov. 29 Mail Tribune article “Talent veteran negotiates losses after Almeda fire” and to Allen Hallmark for sharing so vulnerably the story of his recent losses.

The report expresses Allen’s praise for the bereavement support group Circle of Friends organized by the South Mountain Friends (Quaker) Meeting. As the designers of the Circles, we extend an invitation to any and all people who have been impacted by the Almeda fire to participate in our free weekly circles. For a description: https://ashlandquakers.org/circles. To contact us: RVCircleofFriends@gmail.com.

Bob Morse, Becky Hale and Valeria Breiten


Thanks to President Trump

He lied over 20,000 times!

He bolstered fascist organizations.

He pushed for an unpopular wall. He separated families, refused entry to and caged minors at our border.

He attempted to bully a country to investigate and smear a political opponent.

The national debt: now trillions higher. His “tax cut” gave over 80% to the wealthy.

He attacked everyone who held him accountable. He was never wrong; never apologized for harming others.

He gets thanks for causing more fear, distrust and divisiveness.

He politicized wearing masks and social distancing; pitted red states against blue states. He held political COVID-spreading rallies while offering no national plan.

He fired, punished and degraded everyone he deemed disloyal to himself.

He attacked our right to vote and the counting of votes; accepting results only if he won.

He attacked our democracy!

Nearly 80 million voters reject his dogma.

He will deserve thanks for shutting the door as he leaves.

Bob Wallis


A tragedy of intersectionality

Aidan Ellison. A teenage Black man loses his life in a tragedy of “intersectionality.”

First, Aidan is black. Second, Aidan is young. Third, easy access to a gun. Aidan didn’t have a gun, but Robert Keegan did. All Aidan had was his blackness, his youth and a love of music.

I ask myself why would a middle-aged white man, who has lost everything in a fire, need to buy a gun? He’s a white man staying at a nice motel in downtown Ashland, yet he felt he needed to use his available funds to buy a gun.

I ask, what happened one week prior to killing Aidan Ellison that caused Keegan to go to Bi-Mart to buy a gun that he could conceal in his pocket? When he heard the music outside the motel, why did he slip that gun into his pocket?

I’m sure Keegan has a story about why he felt so threatened in downtown Ashland by the sound of music. He claims he is not guilty of taking the life of Aidan Ellison, which brings us to the fourth intersection — white privilege.

I ask, why does Bi-Mart still sell guns in Ashland?

Claudette Paige


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