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Letters, Dec. 9

We must do more

The eerie acceptance with which Aidan Ellison’s murder has been met by so many is unconscionable.

We must do more than offer “thoughts and prayers.” We must do more than talk about how wrong it is.

Let us rise together, and even with all the grief we have already collectively experienced in 2020, not allow another senseless murder of a young person of color to happen in vain. Let us make Ashland the shining example of how a community can transform, from the inside out, into the most anti-racist, safe and loving, celebratory town in Oregon. Let us do this together through actions and words.

There is a coalition forming between local business, individuals and social justice groups under the leadership of Ashland High School’s new “Truth to Power” club who are working toward a “Promise to Aidan ...” a promise that his death will be the beginning of our journey to become allies together for decency, safety and a better future. Let’s listen to these youth leaders and support their efforts.

Please join as our community takes a first step together on Saturday morning at 11 a.m. for a free Zoom workshop, “Dear White Families,” created to help folks understand how we can change our practices and become better allies.

Gina LoPreste



We are extremely dismayed by Colleen Roberts’ stand “I’m not going to do this” regarding the request to put out a statement about the importance of wearing masks and social distancing. She says Jackson County is “unique” and should be exempted from Gov. Kate Brown’s restrictions on COVID safety.

Why doesn’t she listen to the health professionals who met with her and gave her hard, scientific facts? Our COVID numbers are skyrocketing, our available hospital beds are dwindling and yet she chooses not to represent her constituents but her own personal biases?

What exactly makes us unique? This is absurd. This pandemic does not stop at the county borders.

As citizens of this great county for the last 45 years, we are saddened by the continued spike in this pandemic and our citizens who have made the choice to not take this seriously. And Roberts’ lack of leadership has only fueled their fires to resist saving lives.

Surely, we can all do this for a while longer until everyone has been vaccinated.

Please take a stand and consider all the citizens you, Colleen Roberts, were elected to protect and represent.

Safe lives!

Kim and Bill Gabriel


Proud of Rotary

I’m proud of my Rotary Club — the Rotary Club of Ashland Lithia Springs — for choosing to donate $20,000 to the Phoenix Talent Fire Fund. This money will help families who have been affected by the Almeda fire.

Our club works very hard to raise funds to help kids in the Rogue Valley and this donation will allow kids have a roof over their heads, food on the table and clothes on their backs. Thanks to those to help put Kids First.

Jerry Kenefick


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