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Letters, Dec. 10

Expect a circus

Our acting president has proven the adage that when you hire a clown you should expect a circus.

Those who bought tickets believe he loves the country. Considering nepotism, exploitation of his office and the number of incompetent acting staff members who have been indicted on criminal charges, we’ve seen where his golf ball lies.

Ticket holders claim he respects the Constitution.

The numerous times he has defied, manipulated or circumvented government protocol, encouraging others to do the same while working excessively to cover up dubious behavior, doesn’t say law and order to me.

His audience believes that he was, by some enigmatic miracle, sent by God. The question then becomes how high would God build a wall to isolate populations and separate families? How much wealth would God desire to support a lavish mansion and golf course? What amount of society’s limited resources would God use to build a powerful military?

We know that a carnival barker peddles disinformation to mislead; the psychotic we have also hawks division and violence.

What in God’s name is American about that?

Steve Sutfin


The crime of living?

I am pleased that the Ashland City Council and Mayor Stromberg made a statement regarding the senseless murder of a young, Black, homeless teenager in Ashland.

When the council and the mayor say “regarding the racial components of this tragedy,” do they mean to say that a Black man was killed by a white man, shot once at point-blank range for the crime of — playing music while Black? I cannot help but wonder if it had been a white teenager playing music if the outcome would have been the same.

No one deserves to die because they are playing music. How many Black lives have been lost for “crimes” of everyday living? For some reason the killer felt he had permission to shoot an unarmed Black young man (19) for being merely annoying.

The murder stinks of pervasive racism in our society, in our Ashland, where some white people see Black lives as less, whether we do so consciously or not, whether we are working toward becoming non-racist or not, whether we are learning to be an ally to Black Lives Matter or not, there are too many of us white folks who stay silent. Unless white people speak out, Black lives will continue to be lost and become another name on a T-shirt. Demand more from our Ashland leadership!

It would have been nice if the guest opinion had included some personal information about Aidan Ellison. Perhaps telling us of his circumstances, of his homelessness, what it was like for him at Ashland High School, where his family lives, how they must be grieving. This boy’s life ended. There is no more of him.

MaryAnn Gernegliaro


A Christmas blessing

May your alive, artificial or imaginary Christmas tree be decorated with balls of awareness, raised consciousness, justice, compassion, abundance, love, health, forgiveness, patience, slow-downedness, joy, and any other blessing you wish to give, or receive.

Carola Lacy


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