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Letters, Dec. 11

Calling out Roberts

Bravos to Kim and Bill Gabriel for their spot-on letter calling out Colleen Roberts for her lack of leadership in fighting this virus. The only thing unique about Jackson County is our lack of common sense in electing this person who only represents herself and not those who elected her.

Is there a way to recall a county Commissioner for dereliction of duty?

Char Hersh


Support the Oregon Cultural Trust

Very few Oregon industries have suffered more than our arts and culture sector this year. Performing arts organizations, museums, libraries, theater groups and dance companies have taken a huge hit due to ongoing restrictions on large gatherings.

Thankfully, Oregon led the nation in allocating $25.9 million in federal CARES Act funds to 621 cultural organizations in every corner of the state, saving many from permanent closure — but the crisis and losses continue.

In a focused effort to help our cultural community recover in 2021, the Cultural Trust is urging Oregonians to utilize Oregon’s unique cultural tax credit to leverage greater annual funding for culture.

Donors simply give to one or more of the 1,450+ cultural nonprofits the Cultural Trust supports, then make a matching donation to the trust before Dec. 31. The donation to the trust comes back, dollar for dollar, when the donor claims the cultural tax credit on their state taxes. The trust donation sends a signal to the Legislature to set those funds aside to support cultural projects.

The Cultural Trust annually distributes up to 60 percent of funds raised to its five statewide partners, county and tribal cultural coalitions (who regrant the funds locally) and directly to cultural organizations through a competitive grant program. The remainder is invested in the trust’s permanent fund.

Please help our arts, history, heritage and humanities nonprofits survive the pandemic by donating to the Cultural Trust and claiming your tax credit.

Until the curtain rises again, let’s protect Oregon culture together.

George Kramer, board member, Oregon Cultural Trust


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