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Letters, Dec. 12

Term limits needed

If members of the U.S. Congress and Senate were allowed only a limited number of terms, as is the office of president, perhaps we wouldn’t see the gross betrayal of our democracy by those who are more interested in keeping quiet about the fake and desperate accusations against our most valued right to vote because they are trying to get re-elected.

Their jobs should be about defending the Constitution — not seeing how long they can collect their salaries, pensions, medical benefits, perks and power. Theirs should not be a life-long career.

And, after seeing the sleight-of-hand going on with the rules and laws of the Electoral College — can we now decide to get rid of it once and for all?

Penny Little


Shocked and saddened

We were also shocked and saddened to learn of the shooting of Aidan Ellison (19), who is Black, by Robert Paul Keegan (47), who is white, on Nov. 23 in the parking lot of the Stratford Inn in Ashland.

We are a group of Ashland senior citizens who meet via Zoom each month to discuss a racial issue. This month, we are discussing the book “When They Call You a Terrorist,” co-authored by Patrisse Kahn-Cullors (one of the founders of Black Lives Matter) and asha bandele. In the book, Patrice describes in some detail the racial prejudice and injustice she and her family suffered, which led to her founding Black Lives Matter.

And now we have an awful example of exactly what the book describes happening right here in our beloved Ashland. It appears that Aidan Ellison was killed because his music offended Robert Keegan! His mother (we extend our sympathies to her) said that her son was aware of how hard it is to be Black in Ashland.

Our group is studying and learning about the horrendous racist history of Oregon and Ashland, in particular the very public racist actions of the Ku Klux Klan in Ashland, marching in the Fourth of July parade and storing their robes in the basement of the Historic Ashland Armory. Jackson County apparently had the largest KKK chapter in the western U.S.

We regret that our Ashland city government did not issue any response for nearly two weeks. We citizens of Ashland need to speak out against all forms of racism.

We could suggest many reasons for Robert Keegan’s shooting Aidan Ellison. However, one question looms in our minds: Would Aidan Ellison have been killed if he had been white?

John Tyler for the Ashland Mature Anti-Racism Learners Reading Group


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