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Letters, Dec. 14

One question

I have one question for the reported 75% of Republicans who still hold to the belief that the election of Joe Biden as the next president of the United States is invalid due to widespread fraud and manipulation of the voting process.

Who or what group of “deep state” Democrats/liberals/leftists/socialists/progressives could possibly be unified and brilliant enough to pull-off such a complex, secretive and technically demanding ruse? And only in the swing states which did not go for Trump?

I do wonder if there is a positive correlation between those who believe in the devil and those who believe in the existence of an evil “deep state” or election conspiracy. One trick of successful propaganda is to establish a boogeyman to which blame can be attached and anger galvanized.

Donnelly Fenn


Credit where credit is due

Larry Mendte chides us for not giving Trump much credit for the promising COVID vaccine. He chalks up our refusal to political hatred.

But maybe we remember Trump’s total refusal to take any responsibility for mishandling the virus from its first appearance. His denial and negligence have led to 280,000 U.S. deaths — so far.

Or maybe we’re recalling that as clinical trials began, Pfizer offered the Trump administration the chance to lock in supplies of the vaccine beyond the 100 million doses the pharmaceutical maker agreed to sell the U.S. back in the summer. But the administration passed on the deal, allowing other governments to seal deals for extra doses.

Now supplies are shaping up to be scarce and Pfizer can’t guarantee delivery of more than those initial 100 million doses — enough to inoculate only 50 million people since its vaccine requires two shots — before next June. Meanwhile, the European Union will be receiving 200 million doses from Pfizer.

In reality we think Trump’s bungling is still costing us dearly and we do give credit where credit is due.

Edwin Miller


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